12 Cool Washington Capitals Trading Cards

Yvon Labre (Joe Wilson)

It’s All About The Cardboard, Baby

The off-season is upon us and with no new games to watch I have found that I am looking for other avenues to feed my hockey hunger. So I pulled out my hockey cards and reminisced for a while. I share with you the coolest Caps cards I could find among all of my albums.

Yvon Labre

Check out that shaggy mane, frozen in a feathery fan as Yvon twirls away from a bevy of Red Wings. The sheen coming off of his locks looks like something from a shampoo commercial.







Don Beaupre Painting (Joe Wilson)




Don Beaupre

This checklist card from the 92-93 Upper Deck set features truly stunning artwork. The back of the card attributes the piece to Steve Cusano and Will Cormier. A similar piece was done of Kevin Hatcher in the previous years set, but it is nowhere near as beautiful.







Don Beaupre (Joe Wilson)




Don Beaupre II

Glove save! Fleer Ultra put out some high quality sets. The cards were of heavy stock, the pics were high gloss and they used a great many action shots such as this. This one, however, stands out. Perfect form.







Al Iafrate (Joe Wilson)




Al Iafrate

Check out the torque! Before there was Zdeno Chara there was Al Iafrate. While there is no question that Chara is the far superior all-around hockey player, when it comes to the hardest slapshot, Iafrate held the record for many years. He launched the rubber 100+ mph with an all wooden stick.






Dmitri Kristich (Joe Wilson)




Dmitri Kristich

I love this card. Is the puck dropping or is it rebounding? Will Dmitri get his blade on the puck and stash it or will the D-man shove him over? All eyes are on the rubber. Perfect action shot.








Rick Tabaracci (Joe Wilson)




Rick Tabaracci

Tabby-cat has a mouthful of water and is about to spit it out. A rivulet is spilling down his chin. If you weren’t a hockey fan, you’d think he was about to cry. His lower lip is pouting and his eyes look forlorn and soulful. Classic.






Sylvain Cote (Joe Wilson)




Sylvain Cote

Future Cap Andrei Nikolishin is tangled with Sylvain Cote in this offering from Pinnacle. The determination on both their faces is what stands out to me.







Keith Jones





Keith Jones

In another Pinnacle card we see NBC analyst Keith Jones attempting to saw Tom Barraso’s arm off.

Show me your war face, Jones!







Joe Juneau (Joe Wilson)





Joe Juneau

Joe played in a band while a member of the Caps. I recall a story on HTS showing how he bought a set of drums as soon as he bought his first house. This card perfectly captures his past time.







Olaf Kolzig (Joe Wilson)





Olaf Kolzig

Before many arenas were upgraded, the backup goalie had to sit in the walkway on a folding chair. Here we see a very young Olie the Goalie enjoying the concessions. He was indeed a hotdogger on the ice when he got a chance to play in those days.





Kelly Miller (Joe Wilson)



Kelly Miller

A portrait of Kelly Miller. In a tuxedo. For no apparent reason. Well, the back of the card says he is a “good guy” and the rest is in French. Bizarre.









Brendan Witt (Joe Wilson)





Brendan Witt

Captain Tomorrow. I think that makes Witt a minor member of the Avengers. Sometimes he teams up with Captain Yesterday aka Phillip J Fry from Futurama. They are a time-traveling tandem that fights crime ala Dr. Who.

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