2013 NHL Draft Rankings – War Room March Edition (Part 4: 1-30)

Guest post by Eldon MacDonald

Darnell Nurse - 2013 NHL draft eligible prospect

Darnell Nurse climbing the 2013 NHL draft rankings (Terry Wilson/OHL Images)


This is the last of four posts on the top 120 prospects – the NHL 2013 Draft Rankings – War Room Edition.


War Room Prospect Awards

This is the post where I list the finalists for my major awards.

1. The Muhammed Ali, “I am the greatest” Award: It’s not over but the guy who tops Seth Jones will have to bring back the mountain (Memorial Cup) to overtake him.

  • Seth Jones, Portland
  • Jonathan Drouin, Halifax
  • Nathan MacKinnon, Halifax

2. The Brandon Saad Award – “I may not look so hot right now but watch me next year” award:

  • Nikita Zadorov, London
  • Frederik Gauthier, Rimouski
  • Justin Bailey, Kitchener

3. The Sebastian Collberg Award – The “Oops, I may drop to the 2nd round in spite of my talent” award.

  • Artturi Lehkonen, KalPa – SM-liiga. Here, the issue is size.
  • Andre Burakovsky, Malmo – Allsvenskan. Here, the issue is results.

4. The “A” Award: The best player from the USA award. Shall we just give Seth the award right now?

  • Seth Jones, Portland
  • Adam Erne, Quebec
  • Ian McCoshen, Waterloo

5. The “E” Award: The best player out of Europe award. Alexander, I think it should be you but Valeri is making one determined last ditch effort down the stretch.

  • Aleksander Barkov, Tappara – SM-liiga
  • Elias Lindholm, Brynas – Eltserien
  • Valeri Nichushkin, Chelyabinsk – KHL

6. The “O” Award: The best player out of the OHL award. Sean, I like you a lot but Darnell is creeping ever so close.

  • Sean Monahan, Ottawa
  • Darnell Nurse, Sault Ste. Marie
  • Nikita Zadorov, London

7. The “Q” Award: The best player out of the QMJHL award. OK, Jonathan and Nathan, which one of you is going to make the other guy look better?

  • Jonathan Drouin, Halifax
  • Nathan MacKinnon, Halifax
  • Adam Erne, Quebec

8. The “W” Award: The best player out of the WHL award. Yes, Seth, you can take it home right now.

  • Seth Jones, Portland
  • Hunter Shinkaruk, Medicine Hat
  • Ryan Pulock, Brandon

And for those of you caught up in your bracket picks, how about my 12 seed, Oregon Ducks. But will they get past the No 1 seed, Louisville?


Historic Success Rate

The historic success rate for players ranked 1 to 15 is around 82% while rankings 16 to 30 carry a 76% success rate.


Other Rankings

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Previous Posts in This Series

2013 NHL Draft War Room Top 120 March Rankings (Part 4: 1-30)

1. Jones, Seth

  • Portland, WHL, D, R, 6’4, 206 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 1, Bob MacKenzie 1, Chris Ralph 3
  • YTD: 61g 56pts +46
  • Mar-13: 6g 8pts +7
  • Feb-13 14g 10pts +7
  • Jan-13: 10g 10pts +5
  • Dec-12: 9g 9pts +7
  • WJC U20: 7g 7pts +8
  • Profile: An early profile of Seth Jones by Andrew Eide of THW.
  • Commentary: A top-notch WJC U20, an imposing Top Prospects game and solid play night after night in the Dub has vaulted Seth into first place on most rankings. His size and skills allow him to change the flow of the game defensively and offensively. Although Seth is a player who is unique, NHL teams are looking to get the impact from him that a player like Shea Weber brings to a team. Popeye Jones (former NBA basketball star) little boy has done good, real good!
  • Trending upward.

2. Drouin, Jonathan

  • Halifax, QMJHL, LW, L, 5’11, 190 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings: NHL 3, Bob MacKenzie 3, Chris Ralph 1
  • YTD: 49g 105pts +48
  • Mar-13: 6g 11pts +5
  • Feb-13: 11g 28pts +11
  • Jan-13: 8g 18pts +11
  • Dec-12: 4g 7pts +2
  • WJC U20: 6g 4pts +4
  • Profile: A profile of Jonathan I did earlier in the year at the THW Combine.
  • Commentary: Jonathan will have to have an enormous playoff run to get past Seth Jones to go first in the 2013 draft. However, Jonathan has already had an enormous playoff run (leading Halifax after being down 3-0 against Quebec last year to victory in overtime in game 7) under his belt so that is not an impossibility. So how did Jonathan do in the 1st game of the Q playoffs – 6 points. Game on! To those who say Jonathan hasn’t a chance of going first, I just ask you to watch the montage of Jonathan put up by Chris Ralph at THW.  The only word that comes close to describing Jonathan’s play in this montage is “rudiculous”, a word I made up to describe a performance so overwhelming that it is rude to the opponent.
  • Trending upward.

3. MacKinnon, Nathan

  • Halifax, QMJHL, C, R, 6’0, 182 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 2, Bob MacKenzie 2, Chris Ralph 2
  • YTD: 44g 75pts +40
  • Mar-13: 3g 6pts +3
  • Feb-13: 3g 4pts +1
  • Jan-13: 8g 13pts +8
  • Dec-12: 4g 6pts +2
  • WJC U20: 6g 1pt -1
  • Profile: A profile of Nathan I did earlier in the year at THW Combine.
  • Commentary: Nathan was injured most of February and March and had to sit and watch as his linemate, Jonathan Drouin, passed him on most rankings. But, Nathan is back. How has he done since his return? 35 seconds into his first game back, he turns on the after burners, blows by a defender and roofs it short side. He finishes the game with 2 goals and 2 assists. In the first game of the Q playoffs, he also gets 2 goals and two assists. Game on!  What I like about Nathan other than his ridiculous skillset is his intensity in the offensive zone. It is reminiscent of my first favourite player, Maurice “the Rocket” Richard, his ability to translate adversity to success (as in the Ivan Hlinka Tournament and the Subway Super Series) and his ability to elevate his game against better opponents or critical situations e.g. his hat trick in the goal medal game of the Ivan Hlinka tournament.
  • Trending stationary.

4. Barkov, Aleksander

  • Tappara, Sm-liiga, C, L, 6’2, 205 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 4, Bob MacKenzie 4, Chris Ralph 4
  • YTD: 53g 48pts +18
  • WJC U20: 6g 7pts +2
  • Profile: By Mike Morreale of NHL.com.
  • Commentary: Big, mature, calm, composed, competitive, creative, excellent vision, quick hands, great passer, has a very good shot but could use it more often, works in all situations, plays on the top line in the top Finnish professional league, the SM-liiga. With the lockout, Aleksander has had the opportunity to play against NHLers and looked very good against them. The team drafting Alexander is expecting to get a big-man first line center.
  • Trending stationary.

5. Lindholm, Elias

  • Brynas, Elitserien, C, R, 6’0, 192 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 5, Bob MacKenzie 5, Chris Ralph 6
  • YTD: 48g 30pts +1
  • WJC U20: 6g 4 pts -1
  • Profile: By Sunaya Sapurji of Yahoo!Sports.
  • Commentary: A tremendous player with the skills, demeanor, leadership, to be an all around top player. Although the Swedish media have thrown around things like “Memories of Peter Forsberg”, that is probably way too high in terms of expectations. However, the analogy is still correct in that Elias Lindholm will have a career in the NHL as a top 6 forward and will play an all-around game.
  • Trending stationary.

6. Monahan, Sean

  • Ottawa, OHL, C, L, 6’2, 193 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 6, Bob MacKenzie 6, Chris Ralph 7
  • YTD: 58g 78pts -18
  • Mar-13: 7g 8pts -3
  • Feb-13: 11g 16pts -4
  • Jan-13: 12g 13pts -12
  • Dec-12: 4g 5pts +4
  • Blog: By Sean Monahan himself at NHL.com.
  • Commentary: Sean faced adversity this year playing for a very poor Ottawa 67 team. However, adversity sometimes helps a player deal with the ups and downs in the life of a professional hockey player. Sean is that big-bodied do-all center who can score that the successful teams generally have. Don’t be surprised if Sean is one of the few 2013 picks who sticks in the NHL next season. Although it seems like a long time ago now, Sean was Team Canada’s best player in the Canada-Russia Challenge series last fall.
  • Trending stationary.

7. Nurse, Darnell

  • Sault Ste. Marie, OHL, D, L, 6’5, 184 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 13, Bob MacKenzie 12, Chris Ralph 19
  • YTD: 68g  41pts +15
  • Mar-13: 8g 5pts -4
  • Feb-13: 11g 6pts +5
  • Jan-13: 11g 6pts +6
  • Dec-12: 10g 4pts -1
  • Profile: By David O’Connor of THW.
  • Commentary: Size, offensive potential, the next Chris Pronger – that is what teams are hoping to get from Darnell Nurse. There have been big improvements in Darnell’s game this year and there is the potential for even more in the future.
  • Trending upward.

8. Nichushkin, Valeri

  • Chelyabinsk, KHL, C/W, L, 6’4, 196 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 11; Bob MacKenzie 10, Chris Ralph 10
  • YTD: 18g  6pts +6
  • WJC U20: 6g 2pts +5
  • 5 Nations: 4g 11pts
  • Interview: By Franklin Steele
  • Commentary: Took off after the WJC U20, blew away the opposition at the 5 Nations tournament with 11 points in just 4 games. Elevated to the KHL, he has 5 goals in 12 games in the KHL playoffs. He has the size and talent to be considered in the top 5 but likely will go lower due to playing in the KHL.
  • Trending upward.

9. Ristolainen, Rasmus

  • TPS, SM-liiga, D, R, 6’3, 205 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 8, Bob MacKenzie 7, Chris Ralph 15
  • YTD: 50g 32pts -7
  • WJC U20: 16g 6pts +5
  • Profile: By Adam Kimelman of NHL.com.
  • Commentary: A Finnish guy who models his game after Chris Pronger. He also the mobility you expect from a top European prospect, add the NHL size at 6’3, add the offensive skills of someone you want on your power-pay, add the big hits and suddenly you have a very high-end prospect.
  • Trending stationary.

10. Zadorov, Nikita

  • London, OHL, D, L, 6’5, 230 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 42, Bob MacKenzie 9, Chris Ralph 20
  • YTD: 63g 25pts +33
  • Mar-13: 8g 2pts -1
  • Feb-13: 11g 6pts +4
  • Jan-13: 10g 4pts +5
  • Dec-12: 7g 2pts +6
  • Profile: By Adam Kimelman of NHL.com
  • Commentary: Although Nikita’s game was just ordinary in March, he still has that size, reach, skating, passing success, smoothness for a big guy and defensive ability that teams would do just about anything for. The team drafting him are looking to get their go to shutdown d-man and key penalty killer.
  • Trending downward.


11. Shinkaruk, Hunter

  • Medicine Hat, WHL, LW, L, 5’11, 175 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 7, Bob MacKenzie 8, Chris Ralph 5
  • YTD: 64g 86pts -13
  • Mar-13: 7g 13pts -6
  • Feb-13: 10g 11pts -1
  • Jan-13: 14g 17pts +0
  • Dec-12: 8g 7pts -9
  • Profile: By Andrew Eide of THW.
  • Commentary: Skating, shooting, scoring, leadership (captain of his team), Hunter has got just about everything except size. The team drafting Hunter is a team wanting to obtain a “Mike Cammalleri” type clutch scorer.
  • Trending stationary.

12. Domi, Max

  • London, OHL, C, L, 5’10, 194 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 31, Bob MacKenzie 18, Chris Ralph 13
  • YTD: 64g 87pts +33
  • Mar-13: 7g 11pts +4
  • Feb-13: 14g 19pts +10
  • Jan-13: 13g 26pts +11
  • Dec-12: 12g 20pts +16
  • Profile: By David O’Connor of THW.
  • Commentary: He plays the game hard and driven like his Dad, former Maple Leafs’ enforcer, Tie Domi. However, he possesses the offensive skills that his Dad could only dream about. Max is short but he is also solid and possesses a low center of gravity so size is not an issue. A team drafting Max Domi is hoping that he brings Claude Giroux like energy, skills and grit in a top six forward.
  • Trending upward.

13. Pulock, Ryan

  • Brandon, WHL, D, R, 6’1, 211 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 9, Bob MacKenzie 15, Chris Ralph 8
  • YTD: 61g 45pts -7
  • Mar-13: 8g 2pts +0
  • Feb-13: 12g 12pts -7
  • Jan-13: 8g 2pts -12
  • Dec-12: 9g 4pts -2
  • Profile: By Tom Zulewski of FlyersFaithful.
  • Commentary: OK, OK, it’s the big shot, stupid! The team drafting Ryan is looking for the shooter on their power play a la Jason Garrison or Dustin Byfuglien. Ryan still needs to improve his defense but that big shot is definitely a “hot ticket”.
  • Trending downward.

14. Wennburg, Alexander

  • Djurgården, Allsvenskan, C, L, 6’1, 183 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 34, Bob MacKenzie 11, Chris Ralph 23
  • YTD: 43g 32pts +10
  • WJC U20: 6g 3pts +2
  • Profile: By Craig Button of TSN.
  • Commentary: High-end passing skills, excellent vision, Alexander plays an all-around game and can put up the points. Put up some very good results (with 32 points in 43 games) in the second tier Swedish men’s league, the Allsvenskan.
  • Trending upward.

15. Erne, Adam

  • Quebec, QMJHL, RW, L, 6’1, 198 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 18, Bob MacKenzie 16, Chris Ralph 12
  • YTD: 68g 72pts +11
  • Mar-13: 8g 6pts +4
  • Feb-13: 12g 7pts +0
  • Jan-13: 10g 9pts -3
  • Dec-12: 11g 15pts +3
  • Profile: A profile I did on Adam earlier in the year at THW Combine.
  • Commentary: A player who just oozes NHLer. Adam played some centre this year when Kurt Etchegary got injured and Mikhail Grigorenko auditioned with the Buffalo Sabres. However, he is better suited to being a winger.  What I like about Adam is that be doesn’t just sit back on the play but he initiates the play. The team drafting Adam is hoping to get a player with Max Pacioretty like skills.
  • Trending stationary.

16. Gauthier, Frederik

  • Rimouski, QMJHL, C, L, 6’4, 215 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 10, Bob MacKenzie 13, Chris Ralph 25
  • YTD: 62g 60pts +22
  • Mar-13: 7g 4pts -1
  • Feb-13: 12g 5pts -1
  • Jan-13: 10g 14pts +7
  • Dec-12: 10g 13pts +2
  • Highlights: A profile of Frederik I did earlier in the year at THW Combine.
  • Commentary: Frederik has been struggling since his return from a recent injury. However, I do not think that will have a major impact on his rankings as even minor injuries can result in significant performance issues. The real issue with Frederik Gauthier is: Is he Radek Bonk, a large 3rd line defense first center, or is he Jordan Staal, a large 2nd line center who is good defensively but brings a significant offensive contribution. Those teams that are leaning to the Jordan Staal comparison will likely have him in the 8 to 13 range.
  • Trending downward.

17. Zykov, Valentin

  • Baie-Comeau, QMJHL, RW, R, 6’1, 215 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 12, Bob MacKenzie 27, Chris Ralph 17
  • YTD: 67g 75pts +29
  • Mar-13:7g 5pts +6
  • Feb-13: 11g 8pts +0
  • Jan-13:12g 26pts +9
  • Dec-12: 9g 6pts +0
  • Highlights: via YouTube.
  • Commentary: One of the least talked about potential 1st rounders, Valentin has gone from a “C” skater in the NHL’s preliminary ratings to 12 in the mid-term rankings. Off the ice, he has learned English and a few words in French. On the ice, the other teams have learned that he is not a player to be trifled with. They have learned that Valentin is not your typical Russian; he loves to create havoc around the net – shooting, passing, going to the net, cycling around the net, hounding the player with the puck. In short, he is a player that other teams have quickly learned to hate. I look at him as a cross between Jannik Hansen and Nick Foligno, a player with skills who can bring a little intensity to the game. He was also just named “Offensive Rookie of the Year” in the Q.
  • Trending upward.

18. Mantha, Anthony

  • Val d’Or, QMJHL, RW, L, 6’3, 200 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 14, Bob MacKenzie 17, Chris Ralph 11
  • YTD: 67g 89pts +21
  • Mar-13: 7g 7pts +2
  • Feb-13: 12g 23pts +1
  • Jan-13: 11g 14pts +4
  • Dec-12: 7g 13pts -1
  • Interview: By Arpon Basu of NHL.com.
  • Commentary: Size, skills, results – that’s Anthony Mantha. The team drafting Anthony is looking to fill that top 6 power forward position – a position unfilled on most clubs. I have Anthony rated a little lower than most as I have concerns with his drive and consistency.
  • Trending stationary.

19. Horvat, Bo

  • London, OHL, C/LW, L, 6’0, 203 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 20, Bob MacKenzie 19, Chris Ralph 21
  • YTD: 67g 61pts +3
  • Mar-13: 7g 3pts -3
  • Feb-13: 11g 11pts +2
  • Jan-13: 10g 13pts +3
  • Dec-12: 11g 16pts +2
  • Profile: By Ian C MacLaren at THW (The Next Ones).
  • Commentary: Like Ryan Hartman below, every team needs and wants a Bo Horvat. The player who stops the opposition’s top scorer, excels on the penalty kill and energizes the power play – a Tomas Plekanec like player, not the biggest guy but gets all the big jobs done.
  • Trending stationary.

20. Lazar, Curtis

  • Edmonton, WHL, C/RW, R, 6’0, 198 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 36, Bob MacKenzie 25, Chris Ralph 14
  • YTD: 72g 61pts +25
  • Mar-13: 7g 9pts +3
  • Feb-13: 13g 14pts +4
  • Jan-13: 14g 11pts +8
  • Dec-12: 11g 10pts +5
  • Profile: By Ryan Pike of THW.
  • Commentary: Well, they say he is not offensive enough but he did lead his team in goals with 38 – not too shabby. Curtis is the right-handed equivalent to Bo Horvat in the WHL – the coach’s go to guy who does everything right.
  • Trending upward.

21. Morrissey, Josh

  • Prince Albert, WHL, D, L, 6’0, 185 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 15, Bob MacKenzie 20, Chris Ralph 9
  • YTD: 70g 47pts +14
  • Mar-13: 8g 4pts +2
  • Feb-13: 13g 8pts -2
  • Jan-13: 12g 10pts -1
  • Dec-12: 9g 6pts +6
  • Profile: By Tom Zulewski at FlyersFaithful.
  • Commentary: Josh is a modest-sized defenseman with outstanding skating and puck carrying ability. Although Josh still has a ways to go to really prove himself, the team drafting him will be thinking of Duncan Keith and how far he went and hoping to get at least some of that wonderful mobility on their back end.
  • Trending stationary.

22. Rychel, Kerby

  • Windsor, OHL, LW, L, 6’1, 200 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 26, Bob MacKenzie 23, Chris Ralph 33
  • YTD: 60g 87pts -31
  • Mar-13: 7g 9pts -4
  • Feb-13: 12g 25pts -3
  • Jan-13: 11g 15pts -2
  • Dec-12: 10g 9pts -10
  • Profile: By Tal Pinchevsky at NHL.com.
  • Commentary: Kerby exploded in the second half with the return of his center from last year from the KHL, Alexander Khokhlachev. Kerby is simply a goal scorer who excels when there is someone to get the puck to him in a scoring position. By the way, his Dad, Windsor GM and former NHLer Warren Rychel, is his boss.
  • Trending upward.

23. Lehkonen, Artturi

  • KalPa, SM-liiga, LW, L, 5’10, 163 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings:  NHL 37, Bob MacKenzie 40, Chris Ralph 28
  • YTD: 45g 30pts +12
  • 5 Nations: 4g 5pts
  • WJC U20: 6g 4pts +5
  • Highlights: via YouTube.
  • Commentary: While most scouts have this guy mid 2nd round, I am hoping that at least one team will see him as I do – a smaller guy who is a late developer who will take that development all the way to the NHL in a top 6 capacity.
  • Trending upward.

24. Burakovsky, Andre

  • Malmo, Allsvenskan, LW, L, 6’1, 176 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 16, Bob MacKenzie 14, Chris Ralph 18
  • YTD: 43g 11pts -2
  • 5 Nations: 4g 3pts
  • Mock draft: By Jake Ware
  • Commentary: Is this guy the Sebastian Collberg of 2013 – a guy with all the tools, the high rankings but somehow slips to the 2nd round because he has yet to show he is ready to play with men in the Swedish pro leagues. Andre will need to showcase his talents at the U18’s or face the possibility of a 2nd round selection.
  • Trending downward.

25. McCoshen, Ian

  • Waterloo, USHL, D, L, 6’3, 207 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 29, Bob MacKenzie 32, Chris Ralph 36
  • YTD: 45g 35pts +27
  • Mar-13: 6g 3pts +2
  • Feb-13: 10g 8pts +3
  • Jan-13: 10g 9pts +4
  • Dec-12: 9g 9pts +1
  • 5 Nations: 4g 4pts
  • Profile: By Dakota Case of THW.
  • Commentary: NHL sized D who can clear the crease as well as make the good first pass and play the power play. He is that defenseman who combines size, skills and mobility such as Ryan McDonagh that is in high demand.
  • Trending upward.

26. De La Rose, Jacob

  • Leksand, Elitserien, C/LW, L, 6’2, 183 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 21, Bob MacKenzie 26, Chris Ralph 43
  • YTD: 38g 12pts +8
  • 5 Nations: 4g 4pts
  • WJC U20: 6g 0pts +1
  • Highlights of the WJC U20: From BigWhite06 on YouTube.
  • Commentary: Big-bodied Swede who just seems to have that winning flair about him. Not a big scorer but plays in all situations and is that player you want to have on your side in the tough games as he loves to win all his battles.
  • Trending upward.

27. Hartman, Ryan

  • Plymouth, OHL, RW, R, 5’11, 182 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 35, Bob MacKenzie 28, Chris Ralph 38
  • YTD: 56g 60pts +29
  • Mar-13: 4g 3pts +6
  • Feb-13: 13g 16pts +15
  • Jan-13: 7g 12pts +4
  • Dec-12: 7g 5pts -2
  • WJC U20: 7g 3pts +4
  • Interview: From NHL.com.
  • Commentary: The Plymouth Whalers are trending upward and Ryan is trending along with them. Every team needs and wants a Ryan Hartman, a sparkplug who can hit, agitate and put up a few points. Breakout performances at the WJC U20 and the Top Prospects game have just been amplified by his end of season performances. The team drafting this guy is looking for Steve Ott like accomplishments from this guy.
  • Trending upward.

28. Compher, JT

  • USA NDP U18, USHL, C, R, 5’10, 179 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 28, Bob MacKenzie 30, Chris Ralph 26
  • YTD: 43g 37pts +8
  • Mar-13: 7g 9pts -1
  • Feb-13: 7g 7pts +1
  • Jan-13: 10g 11pts +3
  • Dec-12: 8g 3pts +2
  • 5 Nations: 4g 5pts +0
  • Interview: By USHL Interactive on YouTube.
  • Commit: University of Michigan
  • Commentary: Small but feisty, can score or play defense, had a tough start to the year due to injuries but has been close to expectations lately. A team drafting JT is looking for the qualities a Brandon Sutter brings to a team.
  • Trending upward.

29. Hagg, Robert

  • MODO, Elitserien, D, L, 6’2, 201 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 25, Bob MacKenzie 29, Chris Ralph 16
  • YTD: 27g 1pt -3
  • 5 Nations: 4g 3pts
  • WJC U20: 5g 2pts -1
  • Highlights: From the WJC U20 by BigWhite06 on YouTube.
  • Commentary: Captain of his team at the J20 level, Robert also ended up playing 27 games in the Elitserien. Has the size, skills, hockey sense and mobility; needs to add the physicality to bring out the full value that he possesses.
  • Trending downward.

30. Bailey, Justin

  • Kitchener, OHL, C/RW, R, 6’3, 190 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 50; Bob MacKenzie 37, Chris Ralph 40
  • YTD: 57g 36pts +22
  • Mar-13: 8g 1pt -1
  • Feb-13: 11g 11pts +7
  • Jan-13: 12g 11pts +10
  • Dec-12: 4g 2pts +0
  • Profile: By David O’Connor of THW.
  • Commentary: This is my outlier choice for round one. Tall, stately, elegant, a wicked shot, good on the boards at times – looks like a right-handed Jean Beliveau. Based on performance this guy should not be round one. However, based on potential, this guy is definitely first round material. Can the difference between performance and potential be explained by his early season concussion? I don’t know but I am betting this guy will have a Brandon Saad/Martin Frk like rejuvenation next year. My track record on outliers recently is one of promise but, so far, is short on deliverance: 2010 – Tyler Toffoli, showing promise but still needs to prove it in the bigs, 2011 – Brett Ritchie, a likely success; 2012 – Nicholas Kerdiles, too early to claim success or give up in failure but I still like him.
  • Trending stationary.

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