About Me: Introducing Myself to the Fans of the Big, Bad, Bruins

Hello hockey fans and Bruins fans! I am Mike Zippo and I am currently a student at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT.   I have been around the game of hockey since I was an infant growing up in The Bronx, New York and it is a big part of my life.  I can see what some of you are thinking already.  Your from New York City, aren’t you a Ranger fan? Well, yes your right.  I am a die hard Ranger fan and I have my own season tickets up in the Blue Seats at Madison Square Garden.

So why are you covering the Bruins?

Well, I was introduced to this website by my good friend Chris Hoeler who covers the Phoenix Coyotes.  When I first came here I inquired about covering the Rangers, but there was already a great writer covering the Rangers in Greg Caggiano.  I knew I wanted to write here , and while I could not write about the team I love, I wanted to pick a team that I could relate to the Rangers.

After looking at the teams left that were not being covered by anyone, I set my sights on the Bruins.  Why?  Just like the Rangers, the Bruins are a member of the Original Six.  They have a rich history and I respect the fans, the history, the team and the entire organization.  I understand the rivalry that used to exist between the teams, I know their history with each other and I feel like I can give some good insight to a team that I know pretty well.  Also, I go to school in Connecticut and I play hockey with a ton of B’s fans.

I have an idea of where I want to take this column here at thehockeywriters.com, and while I can tell you right now I probably will not be able to give you a indepth recap of every game, I will keep you updated, entertained and informed on all things Bruins.  I’ll cover the current team from the likes of Patrice Bergeron to the days of the 70’s with the Legendary Bobby Orr.  But where I want this column to go only goes so far.  I want to hear from you, the Bruins fans and all hockey fans in general on some things you want to see here.  If you would like a column on any reasonable subject or have a suggestion or criticism, feel free to email me at zippoe@sacredheart.edu.  Just put thehockeywriters.com in the subject title to make sure I get to read it.

I look forward to writing here at the site and hearing back from all of you. Go B’s!

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