Announcing The Hockey Writers’ Press Box


The Hockey Writers is very pleased to announce the opening of a new section within our website.

The THW Press Box


We often receive requests to join our site from sports journalism students and writers hoping to get started in the business. Unfortunately we have a set amount of regular correspondents and are forced to decline many offers. With the Press Box we now have the ability to offer our writing platform to anyone looking to get started. This is a great way for up and coming writers to get their names ‘out there’.

The Hockey Writers will, from time to time, promote an article from our Press Box to the main site; giving the author access to our quarter million monthly visitors as well as access to our vast syndication network. Also, when the need arises to fill a vacancy on The Hockey Writers we will look to our Press Box for qualified candidates before searching externally.

Benefits of participating in our Press Box

  • Getting your sports journalism career off the ground on a well respected site
  • Becoming part of a network of sports journalists
  • A rock solid publishing platform
  • High quality hockey images will be added to your posts
  • First consideration for THW openings
  • Links back to your personal blog
If you are interested in being a part of this click here for more info.



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