Blog Review & Interview: Broad Street Hockey

Broad Street Hockey


Blog: Broad Street Hockey

Writers:  Travis Hughes (Managing Editor); Geoff Detweiler and Ben Rothenberg (Associate Editors); and ToddtheFox, Eric T., KreiderDesigns, and Teemu H (Contributors)

Team: Philadelphia Flyers


Strength: Thoroughness – in everything from recaps and sidebars to links and prospects

Weakness: LOTS of information on the main page, almost too much

Warning: Lots of “Pronger-love” from the commenters (which, of course, is understandable from Flyers fans)

Hidden Gem: Grading the Flyers posts.


As the Flyers got set to battle the Sabres this afternoon, I brushed up on my knowledge of the team at Broad Street Hockey.  To be honest, I have paid little attention to the Flyers since the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals.  Now I can look at the team with a little more objectivity than I could have mustered last summer.

One of the great things about SB Nation blogs so far has been the quality of writing by the main contributors to the sites.  Visitors can easily tell that each team’s bloggers have their own voice and style of writing.  Rarely do I find many of the “little things” often easily noticeable on blogs – typos, wrong word usage (i.e. there for their), misspellings.  Broad Street Hockey is no exception to this experience.  Travis Hughes and his team of writers keep the voice of the blog strong and interesting.

The Game Threads have a standard setup – game info, lineups for both teams, and a game-long discussion thread.  One interesting thing Travis throws in is the “Questions.”  For example, the Questions for Game 82 included:  1) The HBL line was fantastic in Buffalo. More?  2) More goodness from Sergei Bobrovsky?  3) James van Riemsdyk had a huge game last time out against the Islanders.  Could use that again, huh?  4) Okay, can I buy that Atlantic Division stuff tonight?  The Game Threads have increased in commenter popularity as well.  The first threads (from the 2008-09 season) usually had less than 100 total comments per game, while newer threads are usually in the multiple hundreds.  It was an interesting look to see how the commenting sections have grown over the past three seasons.

From a newcomer’s standpoint, the “Sections” sidebar has been a huge asset of Broad Street Hockey.  Rather than searching the archives in order to get a sampling of things like Game Day Threads, prospect updates, and other features, the sidebar has everything at the tip of your cursor.  It is quite thorough and helpful when you are looking for something in particular.  However, both the left and right side bars are completely filled with information.  It is a little bit of information overload.

The writers also provide daily links pages called the Morning Fly By.  Outside of the usual links to major and local news sources, they often give links to other SB Nation blogs like On the Forecheck’s coverage of the NHL-NBC deal and Jewels from the Crown’s analysis of next season’s cap situation for the Kings.  They also keep a running list of links to a variety of other hockey blogs – those for every team in the league as well as an extensive list of Flyers coverage.  The SB Nation blogs are represented, but so are beat writers and team blogs.

Final Thought: A newcomer to Broad Street Hockey would find it easy to look through and find their way around the blog.

So, that’s the Broad Street Hockey blog in my words.  I also wanted to let the writers give you a few thoughts in theirs, but as of posting time I did not receive their interview answers.  Hopefully, I will get to add them later.

  • Bruce

    BroadStreetHockey is a very well-written site, yes. In fact, the biggest problem is when, as a Flyers fan, I jump to other fan sites and am then disappointed by the (lack of) quality in comparison. I hope the competing teams use BSH as their “quality metric”.

    Many of us await the morning updates and game threads as much as other non-hockey news.

    That being said, the “Questions” Travis asked frequently became lame during the late-season struggles, with almost a “I have to do this to keep consistent format” quality rather than a “I’ll really look out for these keys” quality.

    Metzler’s Musings ( is another blog (also covers the Stars) that provides good reviews, if in a less-structured format.

    Those two, plus BuzzTap (, can provide a good cross-section of the hockey world.