Toronto skyline at night (John Vetteri/cc 2.0)

NHL Expansion Roundtable: Toronto

NHL expansion was discussed in exhaustion this summer when it broke that the league was considering adding four franchises. The NHL has flirted with Las Vegas for quite some time, […]

With mountains, lakes, forests and money, about the only thing Seattle doesn't have is the NHL and NBA - yet. Credit: Spmenic, at Wikimedia Commons.

NHL Expansion Roundtable: Seattle

The Seattle Mariners recently saw their season come to an end. The Seahawks have already played the first three games of the season and are entering a bye week. Imagine […]

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NHL Expansion Roundtable: Las Vegas

Wayne Newton, the guys from The Hangover series and… the NHL? It’s been a long-debated topic since the NHL moved its annual awards show to Las Vegas in 2010 – […]

Nordiques fans have shown up at NHL rinks asking for a team to return to Quebec (Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE)

NHL Expansion Roundtable: Quebec City

Expansion was the talk of the summer when news broke that the NHL was planning to move into four cities. For every reason you can possibly think of, this gripped […]

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Staying in the NHL: A Constant Struggle

Reality After years of training, practicing and playing hockey you finally made it into the NHL. Something that you believed may never come true finally has and now things can […]

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NHL Fights Do More Harm than Good

Debating about fighting in hockey is nothing new. There are those who believe it is an integral part of the game, that it helps protect players. This thought process is […]

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Homophobia in Hockey: Raising Awareness with Tommy Wingels

Having played through the college level (2013 grad), yours truly has been a part of a number of hockey locker rooms. When the media aren’t around, homophobic comments are still […]

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NHL Rule Changes Solve Nothing

Today the NHL announced various rule changes that will be implemented during the 2015 NHL season. Many of these changes were proposed by the Competition Committee during the Stanley Cup […]

Helsinki, Finland

The Real NHL Expansion Markets Are in Europe

One of the hot topics in the NHL has been expansion, with rumors of Quebec, Seattle, Toronto and Las Vegas as potential cities. However, this thinking seems a bit too […]

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NHL: Most Competitive League in North America

It is a busy time for professional sports in North America. The race towards the playoffs in Major League Baseball is approaching as we near October. The National Football League […]


What Does Your NHL Expansion Team Look Like?

The Vancouver Province reported NHL expansion to Las Vegas and Seattle as a “done deal” early last week and the hockey world has been a buzz about the notion ever […]

The insertion of Vegas into the NHL could create a divisional problem [photo: madlyinlovewithlife CC]

NHL Expansion in Las Vegas, Why it Can Work

According to reports the NHL will soon expand to Las Vegas, Nevada. This is big news as it would indicate that the league is being proactive in naming expansion franchises. […]