Chatty Is A Biter: Savard Keeps His Teeth While Carcillo Loses Just A Little More Dignity

If you’ve ever watched an All-Star game, the breaks and interviews at any Bruins game, and the NHL Awards, one thing that will become very clear is that Boston’s Knights of the Rink love to talk (and talk and talk and talk).    Don’t get me wrong.  I love ’em for it.  As far as I’m concerned, the decision on the part of Versus’ production wonks  to put a mic on Marc Savard during the 2009 All Star game almost  made up for having to watch  Zdeno Chara beat Shea “The Cannon” Weber’s truly awesome hit speed during the skills competition.

It isn’t an overstatment to say that many Boston fans, no, many hockey fans were pretty torn up when Savard took that dirty hit from  a ferret-faced cousin humper Matt Cooke during the regular season.  When he returned, it was a cause for celebration.  Hey, even the most die-hard Habs fan would have to smile at the sheer glee Savard and his teammates exhibited when he slapped home the winning goal during the first game of round two of the playoffs.

The second game started off with some good, fast, old school hockey, but during the second period, things got weird.  Chatty got a little rough with the Flyers’ goalie and Bill the Cat Gabby Hayes Daniel Carcillo, who was not one to let a slight to Bouchard’s honor go unaddressed, sent a message to Savard. Savard lunged at Carcillo and the ensuing fracas ended with Carcillo screeching that Savard had bitten him.

What happened next was something like “Rashomon: The Bettman Years”.  Carcillo claims that Savard bit him.  Savard says that Carcillo was trying to pull out his teeth. At the time, there were so many people and pieces of bulky equipment around that no one got a clear view of what was really happeing between Chatty and Gabby.  Everyone has their theories, though.  Flyers captain Michael Richards has gone on record as quipping (but was he really?) that Carcillo probably bit himself.  A few people have observed that Savard had bitten before when he was with the Atlanta Thrashers.

Those are all very entertaining to contemplate, but I have my own theory.   You see, I don’t think Savard intentionally bit Carcillo or Darcy Tucker.  Not at all.  He just doesn’t seem like a biter.  However, he is a Bruin and we have established what Bruins love to do best after playing hockey. I figure he was talking and their fingers got in his way.

Jas Faulkner


  • AJ in Nashville

    Carcillo is a piece of Limburger. Great post, Jas… :)

    • Jas Faulkner

      Ha and thanks!