Nashville Hockey/2010-11 Edition Part Three Point Two: Air Nashville’s Wing Corps

by Jas Faulkner, Nashville Correspondent

If you’ve managed to survive the 400+ pounds of D-Man keeping Pekka Rinne company, you’ve still only won part of the battle to get the puck between Nashville’s pipes.  Nashville’s wingers provide a great combination of toughness and hockey smarts. The fans adore these guys with good reason; but no one in their right mind would want to feel the chill run down their spine as the scraping of their skates  get louder, they get bigger and then the last thing you can remember is seeing the whites of Wade Belak’s eyes.

Left Wings

Sergei Kostitsyn The Belarusian junior phenom will make his Nashville debut this season.   His NHL stats belie the talent and potential that he exhibited as a junior. Given the talent Nashville has for developing great players from guys with talent and a lot of potential, it will be exciting to see what happens with Kostitsyn this year.

Regular Season4771118480025911.9
LEAGUE RANK543rd328th384th377th178th661st383rd134th168th481st169th
Playoff Stats50000000050.0
LEAGUE RANK264th191st231st258th125th273rd83rd13th68th239th191st

Nick  Spaling Former Kitchener Ranger and Milwaukee Admirals favorite Spaling saw his first playoff action last season in Nashville.  Appearing in all five playoff appearances for Nashville last season is a big deal, make no mistake about that.  However, playing for cups is almost old hat for this young man, who has suited out for runs for both the Calder and the Memorial Cups before finding a home in the Big Cats’ Den.


Regular Season2803330000260.0
LEAGUE RANK628th689th605th650th207th784th383rd134th432nd612th689th
Playoff Stats60000000030.0
LEAGUE RANK180th191st231st258th125th273rd83rd13th68th270th191st

Steve Sullivan 2010/11 will mark Sullivan’s sixth season with the Predators.  Be sure to pack an extra hat, because with Sully in the rink, odds are good that one of them will be making a trip to the ice at Bridgestone.  He’s one of the A’s behind Weber’s C and the guy you can depend on to advocate for his teammates when whistles blow, arms are waved and calls are placed to the home office in Tronna.  Aside from toughness and experience, Sully has delivered some serious hardware to Nashville, bringing home the Masterton in 2009.

Regular Season8217345123550415211.2
LEAGUE RANK2nd137th74th91st245th339th116th134th51st170th205th
Playoff Stats60332200070.0
LEAGUE RANK180th191st96th136th60th207th83rd13th68th214th191st

Right Wings

Wade Belak It’s Wade’s world and we’re just living in it. He’s known for both his big, scary presence on the ice as one of Nashville’s toughest enforcers and for his ability to deliver the funny and wrangle fans and pros in his video segments for FS-TN’s broadcasts and his Wednesday broadcasts from Blackstone Brewery.

Regular Season3902205800080.0
LEAGUE RANK589th689th636th681st343rd163rd383rd134th432nd717th689th

JP Dumont Da Bears had Walter Payton, in Nashville we have animal loving, great dad and husband and all-around community guy JP Dumont.  Don’t write him off as a softie on the ice, though.  When it comes to making mischief for the other side’s D, JP is one of the usual suspects, racking up assists that end up with a teammate lighting the lantern during those critical moments.

Regular Season7417284582031311215.2
LEAGUE RANK257th137th123rd128th99th526th183rd41st100th286th56th
Playoff Stats622430001728.6
LEAGUE RANK180th73rd119th113th42nd273rd83rd13th14th214th6th

Martin Erat Soccer’s loss is our gain, as Erat has mentioned in interviews that he would have played professional soccer (football to the rest of the world)  if the whole blades on ice at 30+mph thing hadn’t worked out.  When he’s not representing Music City in the NHL, Erat wears the laundry of his home country, having taken home a medal in the process during the 2006 games.  He brings the pressure on the opposition during regulation play and has been the cause of many an opposing  goalie dropping his  head in shame as the club’s leader for shootout goals.

Regular Season74212849-75050216812.5
LEAGUE RANK257th87th123rd103rd713th202nd116th134th168th129th140th
Playoff Stats6415-240001526.7
LEAGUE RANK180th32nd161st97th245th146th83rd13th68th134th10th

Matt Halischuk This young right winger came to us as part of New Jersey’s trade agreement for Jason Arnott.  He also brings some serious credentials, having been named to the OHL’s first All Star Team and winning the Parson’s Trophy during the 07/08 season.

Regular Season20112-42000224.5
LEAGUE RANK665th601st692nd681st614th743rd383rd134th432nd641st571st

Patric Hornqvist You can find a recent writeup of what Hornqvist brings to the table here. Patric is one of a handfull of players who saw last season as their time to break out and make a name for themselves.  He’s gotten plenty of love from the Powers That Be at the NHL and his name  (and Pred Radio’s Tom Callahan’s voice) were featured in Verizon’s ad for their NHL app service thinigie.

Regular Season803021511840100827510.9
LEAGUE RANK126th19th201st91st32nd283rd26th134th2nd14th224th
Playoff Stats2011-2400010.0
LEAGUE RANK317th191st161st205th245th146th83rd13th68th307th191st

Andreas Thuresson Sorry Milwaukee, it looks like Nashville is going to welcome back the 22-year-old Swedish Elite alum this season.  He led the Ads in scoring during their run at the Calder playoffs last season, so we should be seeing great things from him this year.

Regular Season22123-54000303.3
LEAGUE RANK650th601st636th650th652nd715th383rd134th432nd599th628th

Jordin Tootoo Who? (Okay, to the eighty kajillion G.O.A.L. attendees whose parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles informed me that Tootoo was their kids’ favorite Predator, EVER!  I kid!  I KID! Please don’t hurt me. )   He’s the pest, the enforcer and one of the marquee names who continues to put a face on the franchise for fans of the game here in Nashville.  In his native Canada, he’s the guy you hate to see wearing the opposition laundry and the one you can’t help but love for making it the big league.   Last season fans saw a different side to his development as his play on the ice was more disciplined and controlled.  My prediction?  He’s going to exhibit Sully’s combination of toughness and smarts in the coming seasons.

Regular Season51610162400011015.9
LEAGUE RANK510th355th407th402nd245th283rd383rd134th264th322nd487th
Playoff Stats60110200050.0
LEAGUE RANK180th191st161st205th125th207th83rd13th68th239th191st

Joel Ward Notable for being one of the Predators’ “delivery men” Ward’s improved puck control and speed contributed to his hitting a career high for assists last season.  As a collegiate player, Ward garnered accolades as “Rookie of the Year” and MVP.   His multipoint performance during the 09/10 playoffs shows why he’s such an asset to Nashville’s roster.


Regular Season71132134-5183111349.7
LEAGUE RANK306th194th201st208th652nd549th183rd41st264th213th293rd
Playoff Stats6224120101216.7
LEAGUE RANK180th73rd119th113th90th207th83rd2nd68th169th44th

Hope you enjoyed that helping of wings.  Coming up next?  The centers take the ice, and after that we’ll look at some of the bloggers and broadcasters who help make Nashville the up and coming hockey town that it is.

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