Free – Topps Puck Attax starter set – easy contest

A great gift for any fan of Topps Hockey Cards.

Jordan Staal Puck Attax

Jordan Staal Puck Attax

Topps Puck Attax is a new Head-to-Head multi-player hockey card game that allows kids to manage their teams and face off against friends in head-to-head action.

We have 2 Puck Attax prizes to give away, that means free! We’ll even cover delivery.

Each prize pack will contain the following:

  • Topps Puck Attax Mega Starter Kit (playing mat, plastic sheets to hold cards, game play guide, 6 cards)
  • A Starter box (mat, rules, 16 cards)
  • Box of Puck Attax cards (6 cards per pack – 24 packs)

The Draw will be Saturday Dec.  5th at 7:00 pm so that we can get this to you in time for Christmas. Any card collecting kid will love them. The approximate value (according to eBay) is about $70.00.

Here’s how to enter. It’s as simple as leaving 2 comments on this website. The more comments you leave, the more chances you have to win.

  1. You must leave 1 comment below to let me know that you are interested in winning the free cards.
  2. You must leave a second comment on any other article on the site. (there are a few suggestions below)
  3. You will receive one chance for each comment you leave, more comments = more chances of winning. Each valid comment that you add after the initial one here gets one more name into the hat.
  4. The first comment below can simply be your name and email and a quick hello.
  5. All other comments need to be valid, this means that they must be longer than 10 words and related to the post. They will only count towards the contest if they are accepted and if they only say “count me in” or “nice post” they won’t be accepted.
Puck Attax pack

Puck Attax pack

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  • Crystal

    This game looks awesome and seems to be much easier to understand than pokemon!! Would be a great gift for my 9 year old step son for the holidays!

  • jedd

    hi these look awsome

  • Tony


  • Scott

    My son is a hockey fiend and would love to find these under the tree!

  • kevin

    would love to win two of these if this is not being too greeedy.. one set for my sports room.. and a set for my son who is now in week 3 of his first year of organized hockey.. makes a dad real proud.. how he became a sharks fan in a house full of flames fans is beyond me.. glad thorton is his favorite player though.. at least theres a connection to my first love team.. the big bad bruins

  • Robert

    Great idea! I have two boys who love hockey and love collecting cards.

    Nice website Bruce!

  • Eric Crossley

    Sounds like fun, I want to win. I have been out of the card collecting for several years and this makes me want to get back in! Thanks.

  • Karl Selvig

    Are writers eligible?

    • Bruce Hollingdrake

      I pondered this one for a bit Karl and since you guys have no influence over the results and do so much to contribute to the site it would unfair to say you are ineligible. So – Yes, writers can enter. Good Luck.

  • brad doskas

    This looks like an interesting idea.
    brad doskas
    68 wellington rd
    blacks harbour nb
    E5H 1C4 canada

  • Super_Dave

    Cool idea for a contest. Love the insight and commentary in the posts here, and looking forward to more in 2010.

  • Laura G.

    These look great and sounds like a fun game! Would love to get them!

  • ash

    looks like an interesting game, and i would love to win it! :)

  • Jennifer

    These look super cool, my kid would love them (and me and my husband too!)