Goon Hockey: Steve Ott Suspended Indefinitely For Eye Gouging

Perpetual goon Steve Ott won’t be playing hockey any time soon thanks to this scene straight out of the WWE. From

Stars center Steve Ott was suspended indefinitely by the NHL on Sunday after he received a penalty for attempting to injure Anaheim’s Travis Moen at the end of a game one day earlier.

Ott missed Sunday’s home game against Pittsburgh and won’t be eligible to play until after a hearing with league officials that will determine a specific length of the ban.

Ott and Moen squared off in a fight after the final horn sounded in Anaheim’s 4-3 victory Saturday over Dallas. Ott’s hand made contact with Moen’s eye, which game officials ruled was an eye-gouge and gave him a match penalty for attempting to injure.

Ott left the ice with two cuts on his face.

As you watch this clip keep in mind that not one Dallas Stars player comes to the aid of Ott, who for one reason or another had a broken hand and wasn’t able to throw a punch against Moen (punching walls perhaps?). Could it be that his own team thinks he deserves a good ass whipping? Stranger things have happened.

Just ask Tim Thomas.


UPDATE: The geniuses in the front office have reasoned that trying to pluck a guy’s eye out ninja-style warrants a simple slap on the wrist in the form of a one game suspension. Yes, just one.

And on it goes. . .

  • Eric Crossley

    Maybe I need to see it again, but I didn’t see an eye gouge. Seems like these teams don’t like each other much!

  • MJ Kasprzak

    Not many goons, but a lot of instigators—like thugs without courage.

  • Brett Bodner

    Stars are just full of goons this year aren’t they LOL

  • MJ Kasprzak

    Yeah, and just about a week ago I was talking about how tight this team was and how they were staying competitive despite a lack of talent after all their injuries. It was one thing to hang Avery out to dry, but if they didn’t like Ott, they should have dumped him some time ago.

  • Bruce Hollingdrake

    I can’t beleive the Stars did nothing. This shows signs of serious team disorder. They will do some house cleaning this summer. Looks like Moen got what he deserved. I’m no fan of Ott but what’s he supposed to do? If I were a free agent this summer I’d be avoiding Dallas like the plague. Too bad they used to have a lot of class.

  • MJ Kasprzak

    I think Moen’s move was pretty chicken$^!#, and so was the Stars not coming to his aid. This is who the Ducks are: I’m sure Ott did some stuff to rile them, but Giggy attacked him first, then that coward Moen attacks a guy with a broken hand who can’t fight back—he doesn’t just punch him or wrestle him down, he mercilessly beats him. I don’t really blame Ott for retaliating in one of the few ways he could.

    You can’t have eye-gouging, so I would suspend Ott, but I’d give Moen an equal amount of time. Now I am relatively sure the Stars won’t make the playoffs—not because they can’t win without him, but because this shows they are not tight-knit enough to, bold enough, or both to stand up to this kind of thing, and their chaces were already precarious enough.