Kane Charged With Two Misdemeanors

Jim Neveau, Blackhawks Correspondent

Woodridge, IL – Patrick Kane started the day as a regular skater at a camp that had moved on from discussing his impending charges. He ended it by finding out from the media that he has now been charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and theft of services.

The second degree felony charges against both Kane’s were dropped by the grand jury that returned the indictment. If convicted on the misdemeanor charges, the two Kane’s could both face up to a year in jail, although a plea bargain is being negotiated according to sources close to the investigation.

Kane was arrested on August 9th after a Buffalo cab driver alleged that the two passengers had given him $15 for a fare of $13.80, and they became enraged when he didn’t have the $.20 in change they had requested. His story has changed some in recent days, after news came out that he had been driving without a valid driver’s license, and also that he may have provoked the attack by locking the Kane’s in the cab.

When he came out for his post-skate interview, he seemed blind-sided by the news that he had indeed been charged with the counts.

“That’s news to be, to be honest with you. I’m going to have to talk to my lawyer after this”, he said.

Kane said that he’s looking forward to resolving the issue, saying “the sooner the issue is over, the happier I’ll be.”

He said that he’s “looking forward to going home”, and that “the fans were great, gave me a great reception when I got here. You see all the support you get in Chicago, no matter what”.

“Seeing the kids walking around with Kane jerseys, and I’ve been trying to sign for all of them. That is a privilege to be able to do that”, Kane said.

Kane’s next court date has yet to be announced.



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