Live Draft

For a run down on all of the players selected in the NHL Entry Draft take a look at The Hockey’s Spy’s Player run down.

Thanks for dropping by The Hockey Writers for your Live Draft Coverage!

Rick Gethin will be your Host and on the set will be a panel of analysts, with Roving Reporter¬†Jeff Little joining us from Europe and THW’s Prospect Guru Christopher Ralph joining us from Calgary, AB, Canada. We’ll be providing reasoned analysis of all 30 selections in the first round. You might hear from a GM and possibly a few of the draft picks themselves. You never know who might drop by the set, so tune inFriday, June 25th at 7pm.

In addition to the audio/video feed, there will be a live chat where we can field any questions you might have regarding the teams and their selections. We are striving to make THW your place to be for the first round of the NHL Entry Draft this year.