The Hockey Spy’s NHL 2010 Three Round Mock Draft

Christopher Ralph is a sportswriter with a focus on hockey prospects, the entry draft, as well as occasional Flames coverage here at THW.

Tyler Seguin {Photo: Robin Kasem - Flickr}

Today’s article embarks on my final mock draft of the season – 3 Rounds with 10 bonus picks!

Here are my previously complete mock drafts:

Take a look back at my previous mock and see if you can discover any trends over the season.

Notes: (Please read to get the most enjoyment from this mock draft.)

*The table is “sortable” – that is, if you click on any of the headings it will sort that particular column.

*For detailed prospect profiles (Top 30), check out the Home Page for my monster 2010 Entry Draft Preview. Click on players name to go to prospect profile article.

Taylor Hall #4 {Photo: Leon T Switzer @

*Just under the title, you can click “Show” and change the quantity you show on one page or you can simply click on bottom right hand corner of table to scroll through the mock draft.

*Use the “Search” field to find your team’s picks (use city name).

*The THW column refers to where I ranked the player in my Top 100 Prospect Rankings for 2010 NHL Entry Draft. (In the Top 100 Prospect Rankings article, you can view more details about the prospect including: height, weight, TSN ranking and THN ranking.)

*There are differences between my own personal rankings and where the prospect landed in the mock draft. For instance, Goalie Jack Campbell jumped up 6 slots to go 6th overall to the goalie-craving Lightning, whereas undersized offensive spark-plug fell 7 slots down to 33rd overall to the Panthers where new GM Tallon hopes to have found another Patrick Kane.

*For details on the full draft selection order and trade information with respect to draft positions, see

[table id=17 /]

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