NHL 2013 Draft Rankings – War Room March Edition (Part 3: 31-60)

Guest post by Eldon MacDonald

Mirco Mueller, a fluid skater who can move the puck, is attracting a lot of scouts' attention leading up to the NHL 2013 entry draft in Newark, New Jersey in June. (Photo: Christopher Mast)

Mirco Mueller, a fluid skater who can move the puck, is attracting a lot of scouts’ attention leading up to the NHL 2013 entry draft in Newark, New Jersey in June. (Photo: Christopher Mast)


This is the third of four posts on the top 120 prospects – the NHL 2013 Draft Rankings – War Room Edition.


Gangs of New Jersey (2013 NHL Draft Host)

Here are some of the major groupings for round two (31 to 60):

1. My Personal Favourites Crowd: The guys you hope that your team drafts because they bring something you find special to the mix.

  • Marko Dano, HC Slovan Bratislava
  • Samuel Morin, Rimouski
  • Jordan Subban, Belleville

2. The Goalie Crowd: I have not included any goalies in round one due to the glut of goalies in the NHL this year. However, there is a decent crop of goalies in round 2.

  • Zach Fucale, Halifax
  • Eric Comrie, Tri-Cities
  • Tristan Jarry, Edmonton
  • Spencer Martin, Mississauga

3. The “I Could Go in the 1st” Crowd: Players who could enter round one if they turned it up just a notch.

  • Madison Bowey, Kelowna
  • Mirco Muller, Everett
  • Morgan Klimchuck, Regina
  • Jason Dickinson, Guelph

4. The “Oops, I Could Drop to the 3rd” Crowd: Players in danger of dropping to the 3rd round due to recent performances.

  • Hudson Fasching – USA NDP U18
  • John Hayden – USA NDP U18
  • Ryan Kujawinski, Kingston
  • Eric Roy, Brandon

5. The Infirmary Crowd:

  • William Carrier, Cape Breton
  • Eric Comrie, Tri-Cities

6. The “Oops, you are a lot better than I thought” Guy: And, wow, you had a fabulous February, props indeed – keep it up, Jimmy.

  • Jimmy Lodge, Saginaw


Historic Success Rate

The historic success rate for players ranked 30 to 45 is around 33% while rankings 46 to 60 only carry a 24% success rate.


Other Rankings

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Chris Ralph – The Next Ones Top 100 Midterm Rankings at THW


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NHL 2013 Draft War Room Top 120 March Rankings (Part 3: 31-60)

31. Fucale, Zach

  • Halifax, QMJHL, G, L, 6’1, 181 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 24, Bob MacKenzie 22, Chris Ralph 39
  • YTD: 50g 2.39 .906
  • Feb-13 8g 2.24 .924
  • Jan-13: 11g 2.46 .903
  • Dec-12: 7g 1.99 .908
  • Interview: By Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News.
  • Commentary: Will a goalie be selected in the 1st round this year? If the answer is yes, Zach Fucale is likely to be your man as he is the 1st goalie on the NHL Central Scouting, Bob MacKenzie’s and most other rankings. Zach reminds me of Tim Horton’s Roll Up the Rim campaign – you roll up the rim on a coffee cup and get asked to play again even if you don’t win a prize, time and time again. That’s what they do in Halifax, roll Zach out on the ice every game and then ask him to play again. However, Zach has a better winning % at 85.4% than the 25% chance of winning a prize at Tim Horton’s.
  • Trending stationary.

32. Bowey, Madison

  • Kelowna, WHL, D, R, 6’1, 194 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings: NHL 30, Bob MacKenzie 34, Chris Ralph 34
  • YTD: 64g 30pts +37
  • Feb-13: 12g 6pts +0
  • Jan-13: 12g 5pts +8
  • Dec-12: 11g 4pts +2
  • Profile: Catch ShawTV Okanagan’s profile on Madison.
  • Commentary: The leading D in the draft from the Kelowna Rocket D hockey factory (the others this year are Mitchell Wheaton and Jesse Lees), Madison is an offensive minded, mobile defenseman that likes to join the rush. Can be very effective when he keeps it simple.
  • Trending stationary.

33. Muller, Mirco

  • Everett, WHL, D, L, 6’4, 182 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 17, Bob MacKenzie 21, Chris Ralph 51
  • YTD: 58g 28pts -7
  • Feb-13: 11g 2pts -9
  • Jan-13: 9g 5pts -1
  • Dec-12: 4g 3pts -1
  • WJC U20: 6g 2pts +7
  • Profile: By Andrew Eide at THW.
  • Commentary: Mirco showed the world what he is made of with a breakout performance at the U20’s where he led Team Switzerland to a sixth place finish and finished the tournament with a plus 7 – fifth overall. Mirco is a calm steady defenseman with the NHL size, reach and overall mobility that NHL teams pay a premium for these days. Did not have a great February and sometimes tries to do too much. However, a few more pounds on his lean frame plus a little more experience and most of these deficiencies likely will go away.
  • Trending stationary.

34. Klimchuck, Morgan

  • Regina, WHL, LW, L, 5’11, 180 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 33, Bob MacKenzie 33, Chris Ralph 24
  • YTD: 66g 71pts +1
  • Feb-13: 12g 8 pts -1
  • Jan-13: 11g 9pts +2
  • Dec-12: 12g 5pts -4
  • Interview: By ReginaPatsTV. You can’t help but be impressed by his poise and maturity in the interview.
  • Commentary: Morgan and the Pats have been struggling with the offense lately. However, NHL teams will still be impressed with Morgan’s skating, shot, commitment to defense and leadership qualities.
  • Trending stationary.


35. Bigras, Chris

  • Owen Sound, OHL, D, L, 6’1, 189 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 27, Bob MacKenzie 31, Chris Ralph 41
  • YTD: 62g 33pts +29
  • Feb-13: 11g 3pts +0
  • Jan-13: 13g 5pts +3
  • Dec-12: 9g 5pts +4
  • Profile: By Rory Boylen at TheHockeyNews.com.
  • Commentary: The Stuart Percy of the 2013 draft – not too big, not too flashy but, boy, does he get the job done. An intellect on and off the ice, Chris is a student of the game much like Brandon Gormley of last year’s Memorial Cup winning Shawinigan Cataractes. Chris displays the character, work ethic and vision of those that are likely to become successful NHLers.
  • Trending upward.

36. Carrier, William

  • Cape Breton, QMJHL, LW, L, 6’2, 198 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 19, Bob MacKenzie 42, Chris Ralph 29
  • YTD: 34g 42pts -14
  • Feb-13: Injured
  • Jan-13: Injured
  • Dec-12: 6g 2pts -7
  • Profile: A profile I did on William earlier in the year at THW Combine.
  • Commentary: William has been out with a lower body injury since December. Still like his size, his drive to the net, his shot and his reliability.
  • Trending stationary.

37. Thompson, Keaton

  • USA NDP U18, USHL, D, L, 6’0, 185 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 70, Bob MacKenzie 43, Chris Ralph 48
  • YTD: 50g 15pts +13
  • Feb-13: 7g 3pts +2
  • Jan-13: 10g 4pts +2
  • Dec-12: 8g 0pts -3
  • Commit: University of North Dakota
  • Commentary: A player with excellent rushing ability and good puck skills who is also good defensively.
  • Trending stationary.

38. Duclair, Anthony

  • Quebec, QMJHL, LW, R, 5’11, 182 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 48, Bob MacKenzie 35, Chris Ralph 22
  • YTD: 50g 47pts +23
  • Feb-13: 12g 9pts +5
  • Jan-13: 10g 4pts +2
  • Dec-12: 11g 12pts +0
  • Profile: A profile I did on Anthony earlier in the year at THW Combine.
  • Commentary: Anthony is starting to put it back together after getting called out by his teammates for not being team oriented enough. Although he will have some “splaining” to do at the Combine, ultimately it is Anthony’s on ice work that will decide where he goes. I still like his electrifying speed down the ice and his ability to use his other skills (passing, stickhandling, shooting) at top speed.
  • Trending downward.

39. Dickinson, Jason

  • Guelph, OHL, LW/C, L, 6’2, 176 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 22, Bob MacKenzie 24, Chris Ralph 33
  • YTD: 61g 45pts +20
  • Feb-13: 12g 8pts +5
  • Jan-13: 11g 8pts +1
  • Dec-12: 7g 3pts -3
  • Profile: By Daniel Girard of TheTorontoStar.
  • Commentary: One of the three big underachieving forwards in the OHL (the others being Justin Bailey and Ryan Kujawinski), Jason has yet to show the required consistency and drive of a top prospect. Too often when I have watched Guelph, the only place you see Jason is in the box score. However, Jason still has that NHL size, decent skating, agility and an eye for the net. There still is plenty of hockey left for Jason to at least partially address his consistency and drive issues. Many see this guy as 1st round talent.
  • Trending downward.

40. Comrie, Eric

  • Tri City, WHL, G, L, 6’1, 170 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 32, Bob MacKenzie 38, Chris Ralph 44
  • YTD: 37g  2.62 .915
  • Feb-13: Injured
  • Jan-13: 3g 2.28 .927
  • Dec-12: 7g 3.00 .911
  • Interview: From ThePipelineShow.
  • Commentary: Eric is out for the season with a hip injury. However, Eric has had to be good to get this far – His two NHL brothers, Mike and Paul, have been shooting at him since he was four or five.  I suspect some NHL teams are hoping he drops in the draft because of his injury; sorry, guys, not likely to happen.
  • Trending stationary.

41. Theodore, Shea

  • Seattle, WHL, D, L, 6’2, 182 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 23; Bob MacKenzie 36, Chris Ralph 31
  • YTD: 65g  46pts -27
  • Feb-13: 13g 11pts -8
  • Jan-13: 12g 9pts -15
  • Dec-12: 12g 6pts +0
  • Interview: From Facebook.
  • Commentary: Offensive minded defenseman who can really make things happen with his skating, rushing, passing, puck handling and vision. Defense is still a work in progress.
  • Trending upward.

42. Hurley, Connor

  • Edina HS, HS MN, C, L, 6’0, 180 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 44, Bob MacKenzie 55, Chris Ralph 42
  • YTD: 28g 47pts
  • Feb-13: 5g 6pts
  • Jan-13: 8g 15pts
  • Dec-12: 8g 13pts
  • Commit: Notre Dame
  • Highlights: YouTube video courtesy of BigWhite06
  • Commentary: His high school coach, Curt Giles, was quoted on NHL.com as saying, “The neat thing about him is he can go at full speed, and he can see the play and read the play. He’s deceptively strong and can do everything. He can pass, shoot and he can skate.” The top high school prospect in the NHL draft.
  • Trending stationary.

43. Petan, Nicolas

  • Portland, WHL, C, L, 5’9, 163 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 46, Bob MacKenzie 48, Chris Ralph 35
  • YTD: 67g  111pts +63
  • Feb-13: 14g 19pts +10
  • Jan-13: 13g 26pts +11
  • Dec-12: 12g 20pts +16
  • Profile: From The Canadian Press at NHL.com.
  • Commentary: OK you naysayers (and, yes, I was one of you), enough already; this guy has enough skills to make it in spite of his diminutive size. Per Future Considerations, Nicolas was simply the best draft eligible forward out there in January and he continued to impress in February. Some teams will still shy away but I strongly suspect that at least one of them will take Nicolas in the first half of the second round.
  • Trending upward.

44. Dano, Marko

  • Bratislava, KHL, C, L, 5’11, 183 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 41, Bob MacKenzie 47, Chris Ralph 27
  • YTD: 37g 7pts +4
  • WJC U20: 6g 9pts -1
  • Highlights: YouTube video courtesy of BigWhite06.
  • Commentary: This is a player I would want on my team – not your typical KHL player but a sparkplug of energy who plays “in your face hockey”. Watch the video and see if you don’t agree.
  • Trending stationary.

45. Santini, Steve

  • USA NDP U18), USHL, D, R, 6’2, 205 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 65, Bob MacKenzie 41, Chris Ralph 46
  • YTD: 49g 14pts +3
  • Feb-13: 6g 3pts +3
  • Jan-13: 10g 1pt +1
  • Dec-12: 8g 3pts +0
  • Profile: By Kirk Luedke in the New York Hockey Journal.
  • Commentary: If you want a horse on your back end, Steve Santini is your man. Ploughs opposition skaters out from in front of the net; can be intimidating along the boards. Skates well and has a heavy shot but is not offensively gifted.
  • Trending downward.

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46. Dauphin, Laurent

  • Chicoutimi, QMJHL, C, L, 6’0, 166 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 55, Bob MacKenzie 45, Chris Ralph 30
  • YTD: 57g 54pts +0
  • Feb-13: 10g 4pts -6
  • Jan-13:13g 13pts +13
  • Dec-12: 4g 2pts +0
  • Highlights: From the NHL Top Prospects game courtesy of NHL.com.
  • Commentary: Player off the game for the winning Team Orr at the NHL Top Prospects game. Teams are now noticing just how talented this guy is – skating, hands, passing – can be explosive. Needs to build up his strength to be awesome. Tailed off in February after an awesome January.
  • Trending upward.

47. Sorensen, Nick

  • Quebec, QMJHL, RW, R, 6’1, 175 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 38, Bob MacKenzie 50, Chris Ralph 45
  • YTD: 42g 42pts +8
  • Feb-13: 8g 8pts +0
  • Jan-13: 5g 6pts -5
  • Dec-12: 4g 2pts +2
  • Profile: A profile I did on Nick earlier in the year at THW Combine.
  • Commentary: Nick is a player who has been good but may have the skills to be great – has the size, could add to the strength. Still hoping for more from him this year.
  • Trending stationary.

48. Jarry, Tristan

  • Edmonton, WHL, G, RL 6’2, 181 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 51, Bob MacKenzie HM (61 to 70), Chris Ralph 61
  • YTD: 25g 1.66 .933
  • Feb-13: 4g 2.05 .909
  • Jan-13: 6g 0.80 .966
  • Dec-12: 5g 3.14 .897
  • Profile: From Ryan Pike at THW.
  • Commentary: Another player of the game for his team at the NHL Top Prospects game. Scouts find back-up goalies like Tristan very hard to evaluate because one of the main things to find out about a goalie is how good he is in all situations – not easy if your goalie is not playing all the time. Still, this guy is good and should be 2nd round material come June.
  • Trending upward.

49. Morin, Samuel

  • Rimouski, QMJHL, D, L, 6’7, 200 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 105, Bob MacKenzie 51, Chris Ralph 56
  • YTD: 46g 16pts +10
  • Feb-13: Injured
  • Jan-13: 10g 3pts -3
  • Dec-12: 10g 5pts +4
  • Knockout: Morin knocks out Kurt Etchegary courtesy of hockeyfightsplus. If you are a bit queasy, don’t watch this!
  • Commentary: This is another guy that I would want on my team. Yes, he is still very raw but how often do you a get 6’7 guy who can skate with a nasty steak. Also, he may never be Bobby Orr but he has some offensive upside. This guy could go much higher because physical specimens like Samuel are very rare and very much in demand.
  • Trending stationary.

50. Martin, Spencer

  • Mississauga, OHL, D, L, 6’2, 192 lb.
  • 1sr year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 72, Bob MacKenzie 46, Chris Ralph 64
  • YTD: 42g 3.09 .906
  • Feb-13: 7g 2.54 .912
  • Jan-13: 9g 3.08 .908
  • Dec-12: 9g 12pts +6
  • Interview: Courtesy of RogersTV.com.
  • Commentary: Big goalie, challenges the shooter – had a rough stretch but now appears to back in form.
  • Trending upward.

51. Lodge, Jimmy

  • Saginaw, OHL, C, R, 6’2, 165 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 39, Bob MacKenzie HM (61 to 70), Chris Ralph 88
  • YTD: 58g 63pts +5
  • Feb-13: 11g 20pts +11
  • Jan-13: 10g 12pts +1
  • Dec-12: 9g 12pts +4
  • Profile: By Cory Butzin at mlive.com.
  • Commentary: Confession time, I got Jimmy Lodge wrong but I am happy about it. Playing on Saginaw’s top line after Vincent Trocheck was traded, Jimmy had a February that only the top players usually have. Yes, he still has shortcomings – strength and sometimes defense but nothing that can’t be corrected. However, Jimmy has the NHL height, NHL passing and NHL scoring ability that NHL scouts are looking for. I may still have him too low. C’mon, Jimmy, show me up again in March.
  • Trending upward.

52. Subban, Jordan

  • Belleville, OHL, D, R, 5’9, 185 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings:  NHL 111, Bob MacKenzie HM (61 to 70), Chris Ralph 62
  • YTD: 61g 49pts +18
  • Feb-13: 12g 15pts +13
  • Jan-13: 11g 8pts +8
  • Dec-12: 9g 6pts +1
  • Profile: The Subban Brothers courtesy of Inside Hockey. A must see video.
  • Commentary: In case you have not been watching junior hockey, who has been the best draft eligible defenseman last month (February) – if you said, Jordan Subban, Future Considerations would agree with you. Jordan is a mini PK Subban who seems to have improved the defensive side of his game without throttling his awesome offensive side.  OK, how many teams wouldn’t want to have a Subban in their arsenal – not too many!
  • Trending upward.

53. Fasching, Hudson

  • USA NDP U18, USHL, RW, R, 6’2, 214 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 56, Bob MacKenzie 53, Chris Ralph 71
  • YTD: 49g 22pts +5
  • Feb-13: 7g 2pts -3
  • Jan-13: 10g 3pts +5
  • Dec-12: 8g 3pts +0
  • Profile: From NHL.com.
  • Commentary: Hudson is a guy who appears to have the size and skills required of an NHL power forward. However, he has yet to exhibit the drive and intensity necessary to be an NHL hockey player on a consistent basis. Needs to pick it up or he will likely drop out of round 2.
  • Trending downward.

54. Bjorkstrand, Oliver

  • Portland, WHL, RW, R, 5’11, 167 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 40, Bob MacKenzie 52, Chris Ralph 57
  • YTD: 60g 58 pts +36
  • Feb-13: 14g 16pts +12
  • Jan-13: 13g 10pts +1
  • Dec-12: 5g 6pts +3
  • Profile: Courtesy of the Portland Winterhawks.
  • Commentary: I think it is safe to say that with his terrific February that Oliver’s adjustment to North American hockey is now over. This is how BJ MacDonald of NHL’s Central Scouting describes Oliver at NHL.com, “He’s sort of one of those players that you might classify him as sneaky-good. His skating is a little odd, but he always gets to the right spot. He’s really tough on the puck, he really stays on the puck and he goes to the net. He has very quick hands, very good hands. He knows how to make a play. He can give and go. He’s the type of player that the better players he plays with, the better level he’ll go to.”
  • Trending upward.

55. Arnesson, Linus

  • Djurgarden, Allsvenskan, D, L, 6’2, 190 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 67, Bob MacKenzie 39, Chris Ralph 76
  • YTD: 31g  1pt -3
  • WJC U20: 6g 0 pts +0
  • Commentary: Swedish version of shutdown D – big, mobile, good on PK.
  • Trending stationary.

56. Hayden, John

  • USA NDP U18, USHL, C/RW, R, 6’3, 210 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 80, Bob MacKenzie 58, Chris Ralph 72
  • YTD: 38g 22pts +9
  • Feb-13: 7g 2pts +1
  • Jan-13: 8g 6pts +5
  • Dec-12: 8g 2pts +1
  • Commit: Yale University
  • Interview: Courtesy of USAHockeyHQ.
  • Commentary: 1st star for Team East at the NHL/USHL Top Prospects game, John is a player you want to rank higher because of his NHL power forward size, his willingness to lay out the big hits, drive to the net and compete. However, John has some had low troughs such as February so needs to bring it with more consistency to go as high as you think a big body with decent skills should go.
  • Trending stationary.

57. Kostalek, Jan

  • Rimouski, QMJHL, D, R, 6’0, 179 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 54, Bob MacKenzie 60, Chris Ralph 58
  • YTD: 42g 14pts +19
  • Feb-13: 12g 4pts +5
  • Jan-13: 10g 5pts +9
  • Dec-12: Injured
  • Profile: A profile I did on Jan earlier in the year at THW Combine.
  • Commentary: Smooth skating Czech D who brings poise and calmness to the back-end. Loves to lay out the big hits. However, his modest size and limited offensive potential likely will limit him to mid-late 2nd round.
  • Trending stationary.

58. Pesce, Brett

  • University of New Hampshire, Hockey East, D, R, 6’3, 175 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 49, Bob MacKenzie HM (61 to 70), Chris Ralph 77
  • YTD: 21g  4pt +0
  • Profile: By Ryan Kennedy of The Hockey News.
  • Commentary: The former New Jersey Hitman D possesses the size, skating ability, passing success, calmness under pressure that NHL scouts are looking for. Don’t let the modest stats fool you; this guy has a future in the NHL when he adds some weight and strength.
  • Trending upward.

59. Kujawinski, Ryan

  • Kingston, OHL, C, L, 6’2, 205 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 93, Bob MacKenzie 44, Chris Ralph 37
  • YTD: 59g 41pts -10
  • Feb-13: 9g 3pts -4
  • Jan-13: 12g 9pts -5
  • Dec-12: 10g 8pts +5
  • Profile: By Peter Harling at THW.
  • Commentary: The third man of the big three underachieving OHL forwards who can play center (Justin Bailey and Jason Dickinson are the other two), Ryan is a big guy who has decent skills but just hasn’t shown it so far and is likely to slip out of the 2nd round if he doesn’t pick it up in the remainder of the season. Unfortunately, Ryan plays for Kingston which has been a prospect pool graveyard in the OHL (like Prince George in the WHL and Baie-Comeau in the QMJHL. Baie-Comeau however, has turned things around this year by hiring Memorial Cup winning coach Eric Veilleux – amazing what good management does).
  • Trending downward.

60. Roy, Eric

  • Brandon, WHL, D, L, 6’3, 190 lb.
  • 1st year draft eligible – 2013
  • Other rankings – NHL 53; Bob MacKenzie 59, Chris Ralph 50
  • YTD: 67g 36pts -33
  • Feb-13: 12g 8pts -6
  • Jan-13: 13g 4pts -1
  • Dec-12: 11g 5pts -4
  • Profile: By Sam Laskaris of IndianCountryTodayMediaNetwork.com.
  • Commentary: Eric is a guy who has the size, skating and puck moving abilities of a guy who should be a successful D. However, struggles with his defense have hurt his rankings.
  • Trending stationary.

Round 3 (Prospects ranked  61-90)

Round 4 (Prospects ranked  91-120)

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