NHL 2013 Draft War Room Top 90 December Rankings (Part 8: 71-80)

Guest post by Eldon MacDonald

Zach Nastasiuk, Owen Sound Attack

Owen Sound Attack power forward Zach Nastasiuk is an intriguing prospect for the 2013 NHL entry draft (OHL Images)


This is the eighth in a series of nine postings of the top 90 prospects for the 2013 NHL draft.

The players ranked 71 to 80 are an interesting group. For a group that has only 2 to 3 players likely to make the NHL, there is some intriguing talent:

1. The Scandinavians – Juuko Ikonen, Lucas Wallmark and Viktor Crus-Rydberg are a group with the talent to move up significantly in the draft.

2. The K Guy – Slovakian Marko Dano is not what you expect coming out of the KHL: a sparkplug, an irritant, yeah, that kind of guy.

3. The Dub Gang – The 3 players from the Dub are a study in contrasts.

A – Tristen Jarry, a goalie, is playing lights out good but is currently struggling to get starts as the back-up to Calgary Flames prospect Laurent Broissoit.

B – Eric Roy, a defenseman with size and skills is struggling to find his defensive game.

C – Mitch Wheaton, an enormous stay-at-home blueliner, appears to be on the verge of unleashing the physicality only a big man can do justice to.

4. The Q Gang – The Q gang consists of two forwards, Yan-Pavel Laplante and Emile Poirier. Yan-Pavel is more the all around type who can also chip in offensively while Emile is more the offensive type stuck on a very poor team, the Gatineau Olympiques.

5. The O Guy – The O Guy is Zack Nastasiuk, a developing blue-collar type of power forward.



1. Round 3, about a 24% success rate: The historical success rate for players ranked in round 3 is 24%. This means that in a normal year 7 to 8 of the players below are not going to make it as an NHL regular.

2. Vitals: The vitals reading left to right are:

  • Shoots
  • Position
  • Height and weight
  • Birth date
  • Citizenship
  • League
  • Team and player number

3. Rankings: Check out some of the web sites listed below if you want a different perspective on the rankings:


Round 3 – 71 to 80 – Historical success rate of about 24%


71. Ikonen, Juuso:

a – Vitals: R – LW – 5’9, 170 – 3-Jan-95 – FIN – FIN-1 – Blues #16

b – Rank: NHL-FIN-4; THW-CR-54; TSN-34

c – Commentary: The Finnish Finisher – Smallish, Finnish, finisher. Has the skills, scoring and playmaking with the hard work and vision to make the most of them. So far the results are there but whether they will translate to theNorth America game is still a question mark.

d – YouTube video: Courtesy of TheNoobType


72. Wallmark, Lucas:

a – Vitals: L – C – 5’10, 172 – 5-Sep-95 – SWE – SWE J20 – Skellefteå J20 #28

b – Rank: NHL–SWE-7; THW-CR-59

c – Commentary: Mr. Wonderful – Smallish Swedish forward with excellent passing and power play ability. Led Swedish team at the 2012 Ivan Hlinka Tournament with seven points in just five games. Needs to add weight and strength for his game to be effective inNorth America.

d – Twitter: @LWallmark

e – YouTube video: Courtesy of drpabloramirez


73. Crus-Rydberg, Viktor:

a – Vitals: R – C – 5’11, 187 – 21-Mar-95 – SWE – SWE J20 –LinkopingJ20 #36

b – Rank: NHL-SWE-11

c – Commentary: Mr. Skills – Has the skills: passing, shooting, skating and the hockey IQ to make use of them.

d – Twitter: @CrusRydberg

e – YouTube video: Courtesy of: Taifare


74. Jarry, Tristen:

a – Vitals: L – G – 6’2, 181 – 29-Apr-95 – CAN – WHL –Edmonton#30

b – Rank: NHL–WHL-Goalie-2; ISS-Goalie-5;  TSN-68

c – Commentary: Mr. Lights Out – Tristan Jarry is currently the back-up goalie for the Edmonton Oil Kings behind Laurent Brossoit. He tried out for the Team Canda U18 squad last summer and didn’t make the squad (Zach Fucale and Eric Comrie did) in spite of not letting in any goals in the inter-squad games.

So what does a good back-up goalie who doesn’t get any respect do to gain a little respect? He plays lights out good hockey, of course, with a save percentage over .930. Tristan has the demeanor to not let the little things bother him which is a good characteristic for a goalie. A top 5 goalie for the draft, maybe even higher, if continues to keep the lights out behind him like he has to date.

d – Twitter: @tjarry35


75. Roy, Eric:

a – Vitals: L – D – 6’3, 190 – 24-Oct-94 – CAN – WHL –Brandon#7

b – Rank: NHL–WHL-9; THW-CR-25; THG-28; TSN-64

c – Commentary: Mr. Skater – Eric is a tall, lanky puck moving defenseman with excellent skating ability who needs to work on his defensive game as evidenced by his plus minus of -22 to date. This guy could go much higher if he brings some improvement to his defensive game.

d – Twitter: @Royzy07

e – Video: Courtesy of DumbassShello


76. Dano, Marko:

a – Vitals: L – C – 5’11, 183 – 30-Nov-94 – SVK – KHL – HC SlovanBratislava#14

b – Rank: NHL-RUS-7; CR-THW-60

c – Commentary: The Slovakian Sparkplug – Since his father once led the top Austrian league in goals, assists and penalties minutes, it should come as no surprise to learn that this young Slovakian forward hits anything that moves. Add some good skating, playmaking and shooting skills and it is starting to sound you like you might have a hockey player there in spite of the modest size, 5 11, 183 lb.

d – YouTube video: Courtesy of icymarvin


77. Laplante, Yan-Pavel:

a – Vitals: L – C – 6’0, 170 – 23-Apr-95 – CAN– QMJHL – PEI – #23

b – Rank: NHL-QMJHL-LV

c – Commentary: Mr. All-Around  – Yan Pavel Laplante is an all-around player who exemplifies hard work, aggressiveness and defensive ability. Add some decent offensive skills and suddenly you are not surprised that he won a gold medal with TeamCanada at the 2012 Ivan Hlinka Tournament and led TeamQuebec in scoring at the World U17 tournament in 2011. Injured since the Ivan Hlinka Tournament, he is expected to return in Ferbuary.

d – Twitter: @RuanPavel23

e – YouTube video: Courtesy of DumbassShello


78. Nastasiuk, Zach:

a – Vitals: R – RW– 6’1, 191 – 30-Mar-95 – CAN – OHL –Owen Sound#27

b – Rank: NHL-OHL-15; OHL-OHL-13

c – Commentary: Mr. Blue Collar  – Screams blue collar. The work ethic, the cycle, the corners, good defense, the PK; you want a north-south guy, you got it.   Add a little first gear and a little more agility and you are starting to look at a pretty decent hockey player.

d  – Twitter: @ ZNasty27


e – YouTube video: Courtesy of RichardThomas


79. Wheaton, Mitchell:

a – Vitals: R – D– 6’5, 225 – 6-Feb-95 – CAN – WHL –Kelowna#6

b – Rank: NHL–WHL-22; TSN-53

c – Commentary:  Big Boy – Mitchell Wheaton is that big boy stay-at-home type of defenseman that has a place on most NHL clubs. Plays the physical game like a big boy should plus has the defensive strategy to use it effectively. Decent skater with a good first pass with a limited offensive upside on a team known for grooming NHL defensemen.

d – YouTube video: Courtesy of ShawTVOkanagan


80. Poirier, Emile:

a – Vitals: L – LW – 6 1, 183– 14-Dec-94 – CAN – QMJHL –Gatineau#27

b – Rank: NHL–QMJHL-14

c – Commentary: Mr. Mainstay – Great hands, nice agility, reasonable size, and willing to drop the gloves. Emile is one of the mainstays on a not very good hockey club, the Gatineau Olympiques. I am inGatineau this week so I plan to see him live later in the week.

d – Twitter: @epoirier27

e – YouTube video: Courtesy of Brassard28


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