Twitter War Erupts between Canucks and Oilers

Last night, Tim Thomas joined his Florida Panthers in Vancouver to take on the Canucks. Just a normal night in the NHL, right?


Pass the popcorn, my friends.

The Oilers felt compelled to chirp the Canucks with the picture of the Stanley Cup winning goalie from 2011. Boston beat Vancouver that year, if you didn’t remember.

Vancouver, rightly so, reminds the Oilers they haven’t made the playoffs in a while:

The Oilers lost in seven games in the 2006 Stanley Cup Final to the Carolina Hurricanes. INCOMING! Cam Ward of the Canes from 2006:

And finally, a more subtle reminder that Vancouver can’t post any pictures of any Canucks hoisting the Cup because they have never done it. Edmonton has 5 Cups. This picture is from Edmonton’s 1990 Cup Celebration.

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