Welcome To The Machine Err Injure Ninja!

It is time to take a trip into an area where mostly no one ever wants to see. Injuries are a part of the everyday hockey vocabulary. People often wonder just how it seems there is an uncanny nature to maladies at times.

By now, you have seen this strange account on Twitter. The injuries often get reported there with a little sarcastic humor and much more. So what is that mysterious link you may ask? Here is that @InjuryNinja account.

Guess who? It is a hockey team's worst nightmare. Injuries be damned and welcome from the Injury Ninja (File Photo)

Guess who? It is a hockey team’s worst nightmare. Injuries be damned and welcome from the Injury Ninja (File Photo)

Why?  Fantasy hockey and hockey fans get so fearful of the word injury. Ask Steven Stamkos fantasy owners and the Tampa Bay Lightning what they think of injuries. I am sure you get some very colorful responses. In the meantime, let’s get to the injury submission.

The Injury Submission

Jonathan Quick (Los Angeles) — The goalie went down late in overtime against the Buffalo Sabres. Before that there was this play where Quick wasn’t quite there but thankfully Slava Voynov was.

How long will Quick be out for? The Kings really have not disclosed much but day to day seems to be the word for Quick’s groin. Friday’s game against the New Jersey Devils at least has to be in some jeopardy.

With an  average of 30-35 injuries a week this year, it seems there will always be mayhem in the NHL. Let the Injury Ninja be your guide and interpreter of the red that runs. Stay safe hockey players! Some will be serious, some will have humor but there will always be injuries.


  1. Be wary of the Injury Ninja…..

  2. I hate this @injuryNinja guy.

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