Peter Chiarelli: Fiscal Genius

(Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports)

(Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports)

This offseason has already been a pretty busy one for Peter Chiarelli and his Boston Bruins. He sent Tyler Seguin and Rich Peverley packing their bags for the Lone Star State and signed Jarome Iginla, who infamously spurned the Bruins just months ago.

These moves not only improved the team in terms of depth, but also gave the Bruins a better financial future to lock up some key players or by taking a dip into the free agent pool to add depth. Chiarelli has done a great job of this so far with the moves he made already and could make more.

Tyler Seguin Trade

Tyler Seguin has just 3 goals in 14 games to start the 2013 season. (Icon SMI)

Tyler Seguin has just 3 goals in 14 games to start the 2013 season. (Icon SMI)

This was a move that some Bruins fans questioned, but was ultimately decided was a solid deal. Many thought that the Bruins gave up far too early on a 21 year old with a ton of raw talent, but this deal needed to be done. Seguin was underachieving in Boston and his cap hit of $5.75 million was far too much for a guy who wasn’t performing to what he should be.

Chiarelli traded Seguin, and Rich Peverley and his $3.25 million cap hit, to the Dallas Stars for Loui Eriksson and prospects. Eriksson is a very talented player with outstanding defensive skills who fits perfectly in Claude Julien’s play scheme. Even better, the Eriksson’s cap hit is only going to be $4.25 million with three years left on his contract.

The Bruins also picked up Stars defensive prospect Joe Morrow. Morrow originally came to the Dallas Stars after the Pittsburgh Penguins traded him in a package deal for then Stars captain Brenden Morrow. Morrow, a former first round pick by Pittsburgh, is a defenseman that Chiarelli believes can develop into a top four defenseman upon the finishing of his development.

So, by getting Morrow, the Bruins may have found a defenseman of the future, and by acquiring a cheaper, and possibly more effective, Loui Ericksson, the Bruins found some cap relief to go out and sign another player. That is exactly what Peter Chiarelli did…

Jarome Iginla Signing

Jarome Iginla (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)

Jarome Iginla (Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports)

It may have come as a slight shock to Bruins fans that Jarome Iginla had agreed to sign with the Boston. Bruins fans slept on it and woke up to find that Iginla had still agreed to join the Bruins, a far cry from just a few months ago. Many Bruins fans went to sleep thinking that Iginla was headed to the Hub, but only to awake the next day and find that he spurned the Bruins for the Penguins.

The cap relief that the Bruins freed up from the Seguin trade made this move possible. Even better, Iginla agreed to a relatively cheap $1.8 million base salary, of course Iginla could receive up to as much as $6 million presuming he hits certain goals.

That’s not bad considering Daniel Alfredsson’s deal with the Detroit Red Wings. Alfredsson signed a one year, $3.5 million deal with the Red Wings and could have set the bar for Iginla and his demands. Iginla though agreed to a smaller deal probably because he just wants to win and feels that the Bruins give him the best shot at capturing that all elusive Stanley Cup.

Marcus Kruger & Nathan Horton

Horton parted ways with the Bruins this week, agreeing to a deal with Columbus. (Icon SMI)

The Bruins basically traded Nathan Horton for Iginla. Horton bolted Boston for the Columbus Blue Jackets for seven years, $37.1 million. Horton’s cap hit will be $5.3 million for next season. At that price, it was just too much for the Bruins to commit to for a guy who, while talented, has a history of concussion problems and just simply hasn’t been himself lately.

The only downside is that Iginla is getting up there in age and Horton is still young, so, you will get more in the long run with Horton than Iginla. I don’t think that it will affect the Bruins all that much down the road due to the depth of the well in the Bruins farm system and they could just develop someone to replace Iginla upon his leaving the team when the time comes.

Peter Chiarelli really has made all the right moves this offseason and has set up the Bruins for a bright next season and a fiscal responsible future.

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  • Eddie Shore’s ghost

    I’m sorry but I completely disagree re PC. He painted himself into a corner over the cap and had to make these moves to get himself to a similar position for next season.

    Generally he’s done an excellent job but he’s too generous so paying a million or so over the odds for Peverley, Kelly, Lucic et al meant he couldn’t keep Horton. Then he gave Seguin away to free up the space to sign Rask and Iginla. We’ve swapped Horton for Eriksson and Seguin for Iginla in essence. That is, the future has been sold for more certainty next season.

    He gets an F for this offseason.

    • Robo

      Horton chose to leave, he didn’t even have talks with the bruins about resigning, that was out of PC’s hands. Seguin was not given away; eriksson is, at least, a better forward right now than seguin is (i.e. seguin was a third liner on the B’s…for 5.75 million a year), he fits better on the bruins and will be an effective NHLer longer than horton. B’s also got 3 future NHLers in the deal. Morrow is a very high end prospect and although smith and fraser are lesser known they are both good players: in the last two season fraser has more goals 70 than anyone else in the AHL and is still getting better. Seguin has done very little to justify that contract, which may have been a mistake but PC cleaned up his mess and more with that trade. Iginla is also a better more durable forward than horton at least short term and once hes gone we have more than just the two prospects acquired from dallas to replace him. Bruins are a better team for 2013-14 than they were for 2012-13. The core (which seguin was not a part of) doesnt have all the time in the world to win another cup and can’t wait for seguin to mature, B’s are and should be in win-now mode. PC managed to do it WITHOUT selling away the future.

      • Robo

        also, by using the bonus cushion iginlas effective cap hit is 1.8 million, very friendly.

  • http://Espn Al Douch

    Bruins owned this offseason Seguin is outstanding but when you have lines of
    1. Lucic-Krejci-Eriksson
    2. Marchand-Berergon-Iginla
    3. Daugvins or Soderberg or Fraser unless bruins get foward -Kelly-Paille
    4. Thornton-Campbell-Daugvins or Soderberg or Fraser unless bruins get foward
    1. Chara-Sidenburg
    2. Krug-Bochuck
    3. McQuaid-Hamilton

    • Mark Wallace Graham

      I understand why the Stars went after Seguin, but Eriksson is a huge get for the Bruins. He will thrive on the projected line that you have. If he’s teamed up with Bergeron, they will be one of the best defensive lines in the league

    • Bojangles

      Hamilton will be in Providence next year. Bartkowski will play and they will find an Aaron Johnson type to fill the 7 spot. Hamilton needs to play, and could use some polish on his D and decisions. Barto proved he’s ready when he filled in for the playoffs this year. He was very good. Pretty sure Daugavins isn’t coming back. I hope Fraser can get his D in order, b/c he sounds like a good fit on the 3rd or 4th.