Poile Inks Hornqvist As Predsnation Exhales

by Jas Faulkner, Nashville Correspondent

The denizens of Predsnation let out a collective sigh of relief this afternoon as PFO GMDavid Poile, announced that the organization had signed one of Nashville’s favorite right hand men, Patric Hornqvist, to a three year, nine and a quarter million  dollar contract.

The Return of Big Tuna

The twenty-three year old Sollentuna, Sweden native joined the 30 goal club last season, being the first draft pick for the big cats to gain that distinction.  His skills on the ice and the digits in the record books show that its not about where you end up in the draft, but what you do once you get to your home ice.  Aside from tying for the team lead in goals for the season and power play deliveries (10)to the other teams’ fiveholes;  Hornqvist*  managed to come in second in the league for game winning goals (8).

What draft round was that again?

Who cares!**

He set a franchise record for shots in a season (275).

Here’s how he looks to the kids with the slide rules:

Season GP G A P +/- PIM PP SH GW S S%
Regular Season 80 30 21 51 18 40 10 0 8 275 10.9
LEAGUE RANK 126th 19th 201st 91st 32nd 283rd 26th 134th 2nd 14th 224th
Playoff Stats 2 0 1 1 -2 4 0 0 0 1 0.0
LEAGUE RANK 317th 191st 161st 205th 245th 146th 83rd 13th 68th 307th 191st

Siddown and let me tell you the best part.  He did all of this while having the lowest average ice time of anyone wearing Big Cats laundry.  If he can do all of that clocking in at 15:41 per game, imagine what will happen when Trotz puts him to even greater use this season.

Hornqvist’s rise to prominence in the club is a testament to the foresight and care that Trotz, Poile, and company take in putting the team together. As we get closer and closer to the unveiling of Predators: Amped Edition, we’ll see how their intuitive moves pay off for Nashville.  As for Hornqvist, Big Tuna may have grown up idolizing Peter Forsberg and he may be wearing the same laundry as a pro and in the Olympics***, but it’s a good bet that Foppa will be the one asking for an autograph the next time Team Sweden gets together to play.

*You and I and Terry Crisp know what the other Predators call him, but I’m gonna stick to naming him after his hometown.

**Okay, maybe you do.  Well, me too,  just because I love a good story. He was the 230th kid picked and he is one of three in his position who has played over 100 games and scored over 20 points.  Actually, it’s pretty Disney worthy.  Gotta love this guy.

***He played in all four games for Team Sweden.    You’re welcome.

Jas Faulkner