Poile Offers 1.6m To Secure Franson Of The Preds’ D

by Jas Faulkner, Nashville Correspondent

Using  the US Govt’s inflation calculator and some informed  guestimation,  Poile will be paying roughly  twelve times the 2010 equivalent of the 1910 two thousand dollars that short story author O. Henry’s Bill Driscoll and Sam Howard demanded of Ebenezer Dorset for the safe return of his rambunctious red-haired progeny.   Translated into the new math, that means Franson takes home one point six million dollars for two years and Nashville gets a blueliner who posts points in the regular season and makes a respectable showing during the playoffs.

This is a win-win situation as Franson, at six-five, two hundred and thirteen pounds, brings the numbers and some size to the Predators’ lineup.    Last season he posted 21 points, netted three game winning goals and had a plus/minus of +15, all of which put him in the upper echelon of Predators rookies and D-Men in general.

Prior to his time in Nashville, Franson spent two seasons with the Milwaukee Admirals where he was named a Second Team AHL All-Star.  His hardware collection  includes a gold medal from the World Cup championships and a WHL Memorial Cup win.

Here’s Cody’s life story in numbers (so far):

   Regular Season Playoffs
2003-04Beaver ValleyKIJHL4810223270 
2004-05VancouverWHL642111344 40110
2005-06VancouverWHL7115405561 185152012
2006-07VancouverWHL5917345188 1934710
2007-08MilwaukeeAHL7611253640 60222
2008-09MilwaukeeAHL7611415247 113588
2009-10NashvilleNHL616152116 40114
 NHL/PREDATORS TOTALS616152116 40114

In other news, practice has started in preparation for training camp next week.  The mood on the ice this morning ranged from determined uberfocus (Rinne, Smithson) to gleeful (Hornqvist, Dumont, Ward).  Can’t wait for the Tronna Zeebas to drop the puck?  Join the club!

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