Postcards from the Road

First there was the March on Atlanta, and it was good.

Dan Ellis heard the Thrashers come a’knocking and told them in no uncertain terms that they couldn’t come in.  To be fair, Andropov managed to get a puck past him during second period and thus kept it from being a shutout, but just the one. That’s all it took for last night’s game to go down in the books as another win for Music City’s Frosty Cats.

Arguably, it was Nashville’s kind of game.  They picked up the lead on the front end with a bright-eyed and bushytailed Ryan Suter finessing a power play goal four and a half minutes into  first and capped off the period with a sweet jewel of an unassisted goal from Colin Wilson.

Okay, let that sink in because as gushy and creepy as it is, it will have to tide me over while I write about the, uh, whatever that was in San Jose.

The first and second periods were pretty peachy.  More goals than the Bitey Fish and one of Dumont’s two goals that night was his 500th career netter.  There was also that bit of slapstick where Smithson got a little too close to Evgeni Nabakov and he knocked him on his keister.  (Did you see that, Dan Ellis? THAT is what you do when they screen you.)  It wasn’t the hit that was particularly entertaining, but the inevitable Smithson Death Glare that followed:

I would like to say that I saw the rest of the game, but having to get up at five the next morning, I turned on my VCR and went to bed.  Maybe the cosmos decided to show  me some mercy, because VCR threw up.

Then how do you know how bad it was, Miss Smartyblades? Some of you, well, the three of you who read this column (not counting my mother and nephew) may be wondering that very thing.  The first clue was the score on the Predators website next day. I  had to restrain myself from putting out my eyes with the pinback to my “I Heart Smashville” button after I realized that 8 to 5 was in San Jose’s favor.   Was I being overly sensitive about this?

The PetenTerry had this to say the next night during their pregame commentary before the Preds played the Ducks:

Pete Weber: Hello again everybody! Pete Weber and Terry Crisp here and we’re glad you’ve tuned in, especially in light of that third period from last night!

Terry Crisp: Where is Clint Eastwood with that big gun when I need him?  Let’s take a look at this.  We’ll call it The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…

Quelle dommage.

The boys played tight and fast and it looked like Dad had a few Long Talks.  The skating, the puck control the help that should have aided in keeping Dan Ellis out of the doghouse was there. In summation…

One goal from Shea Weber.

A shutout to add to the list for Pekka Rinne and  thirty-one saves.

In the immortal words of Pam Beasley Halpert:   Awesome.

Tomorrow should be a showdown of royal proportions as the Boys in Navy and Mustard take on the Ellay Kings.  For those  of us still in the Lost State of Franklin, that will be live at 2:00 pm on FSN-TN and available on the radio and online at The Official Nashville Predators Website.

Jas Faulkner



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