Preds Go Streaking, Ellis’ Fivehole Exposed!

One of the few pictures I could find of Dan Ellis in Tennessee mufti. For some reason the caption refers to him as "The Old Red Fox".

by Jas Faulkner, Nashville Correspondent

Okay, so the week wasn’t quite over. 

And on Thursday Nashville plays the Blues, not the Blackhawks.  Remember:  Bah-loooooooooooooooos, not Bah-laaaaaaaackhawks.  Maybe I really do need some gingko biloba.

So how about the shank end of week three?

Big D, Little  A, Double L, -O-S-E!

Nashville at Dallas, October 23, 2010

The’s Josh Cooper has quoted Trotz as saying that he was going to “run the tank empty”.  Presumably he meant for this road trip.  The way the Predators played this past weekend would surely point to that line of thought.  Even without a visual to go on, the excitement coming from the PredsRadio feed indicated that the matchup with Dallas was, as the old guys with the fedoras used to say, a barn burner.  The box score looked like a first year computer science major’s homework, with the single goal going to Cal O’Reilly.  Between the pipes, The Great Wall of Finland told Dallas, “Ei!” * thirty times, logging his fifteenth shutout as an NHL goalie.

Be Still My Beating Heart

Nashville at Tampa Bay, October 24th, 2020

Don’t hold me to this, but the guy between the pipes at Tampa Bay’s end of the rink looked vaguely familiar.  His playing style? I swear I’ve seen that somewhere before.  The Predators seemed to know him, as Hornqvist was rumored to have said,  “Jag fik din Stor Gatsby rätt här!” **  when he was pushed into him late in the game.

How good was the Tampa Bay game? At the end of first period, when the Predators were walking back to the dressing room, Coach Trotz was smiling.  Okay, it was just a little Mona Lisa upturn. but work with me here.

Four goals, no Free Frostys (Those are only for local games!) and nearly three periods later, the Bolts closed the gap to a single goal standing between the Predators and their second victory in a row regulation time. In Predsnation, blue blood ran cold and chests were clutched all over Nashville as Pete and Terry counted down the final minutes, Sullivan once again became the real life version of an action figure and the buzzer went off, sealng the deal for the Big Cats.  To steal from The Tao of Crisp, “They won by the skin of their chinny chin chins!” 

So there you have it!  Week Three came in like a statistical spin and went out like a few days in the life of an elite team. 

Week four has two games in it:  The Blues will be here on Thursday.  This is also the final “Hockey Fights Cancer” night in Smashville for October, so you won’t want to miss out on some good hockey and a chance to bid on some great gear.  Remember, all of the proceeds go to a very good cause!  Saturday, which I guess is Halloween’ween or something like that, Nashville will be in Detroit, so be sure to check your carrier’s broadcast schedule so you can spend your pumpkin carving time watching the game when you don’t have to watch your fingers!

This is Jas Faulkner -Who thinks anyone who wears a costume on Sunday deserves a treat!- wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween.  In the meantime, see you  at the ‘Plex and the ‘Stone and online at Facebook and Twitter

* Nope.

** I got your Great Gatsby right here!

Jas Faulkner



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