Rock Out for the Lockout – Happy Holidays!

Rock Out for the LockoutWith the NHL lockout firmly in place and both sides entrenched for what may be a long, drawn out battle, we’re taking this opportunity to explore the musical side of the National Hockey League. Each week, we’ll see what happens when hockey and music collide.

Join us as we Rock Out for the Lockout.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Especially if you like watching your favorite NHL players struggle with Christmas standards – or worse, Christmas parody songs.

The 2011 Chicago Blackhawks

Such an amazing collection of awful sweaters and hockey-related parody lyrics — how can you go wrong? (I’m partial to “Frolik Navidad” and “O Hossa Night”.)

The 2010 San Jose Sharks

The Sharks also gave a it a go with their versions of holiday hits:

No word if Heatley’s leading the choir in Minnesota these days. This isn’t the first time the boys from the Bay Area have broken out in song. You just have to go back to 2008 for another a capella Christmas:

The 2008 San Jose Sharks

Mike Ricci’s version, while spirited, seems to have suffered from one too many hits to the head. He makes up for it, though, by naming Pronger as one of Santa’s reindeer.

The 2011 New York Rangers

Representing the East Coast, the Browadway Blueshirts also try out some tunes. Don’t miss Dan Girardi bust out the popular refrain from “Dominick the Donkey”.

Oh, if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, the Sharks are happy to help you out:


Happy holidays!  Hopefully Santa will give us all a nice gift-wrapped 48-game-season under the tree this year.  Until that happens, we’ll keep rocking out for the lockout.

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Josh Smith
Josh is a life-long hockey fan. He grew up as a fan of the New York Rangers, but thanks to their general mismanagement and years of mediocrity, developed a great appreciation for every team across the league. He’s been writing about hockey on various sites since 1995. In addition to his work at The Hockey Writers, he also keeps tabs on the referees over at Follow him on Twitter at @joshsmith29 or reach him via email at
Josh Smith
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