Rock Out for the Lockout – “You Shook Me (All Night Long)” by the Washington Capitals

Rock Out for the LockoutWith the NHL lockout firmly in place and both sides entrenched for what may be a long, drawn out battle, we’re taking this opportunity to explore the musical side of the National Hockey League. Each week, we’ll see what happens when hockey and music collide.

Join us as we Rock Out for the Lockout.

“You Shook Me (All Night Long)” and more by the Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals sure know how to “Rock the Red.”   It’s been their playoff rallying call for the past few years.

“It is who we are now, it’s ingrained in our brand identity,” Tim McDermott told me this week. “‘Rock the Red’ is symbolic of the experience at Caps’ games, symbolic of the type of game we play, symbolic of the team’s youth and an electric sense about the team,” he added.  We wanted something fun, electric, something emblematic of cool, young players.” – Tim McDermott, Capitals’ Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, to On Frozen Blog

In 2008, they stepped up a bit further – going so far as to have some of the players show they know how to rock by shooting a music video  (Well, some rocked more than others.)  Here they are, rocking out to “Hell Yeah”:

In case you were confused, that wasn’t actually the Caps performing, though they did an admirable job lip syncing.  The music came from the Massachusetts-based Rev Theory.  This also isn’t the first time this song has been used for professional sports  — it was the WWE’s theme song for their 2008 “One Night Stand” pay-per-view event and is currently the goal song for the Winnipeg Jets… or at least it will be when NHL hockey resumes.

Both the Caps and the Jets stick to a slightly modified version of the song.  It’s a good thing, since the lyrics in the verses get a little too specific about a particular non-hockey-related type of action…
(The lines in bold were the ones that not-so-mysteriously didn’t make it into the Caps video)

She’s a ten, hell bent, I’m in heaven tonight
Six speed sex scene playin’ out in my mind
One look I’m hooked, motor runnin’
Wrapped up my heart started pumpin’
Are you ready for the best damn ride of your life?
(Lyrics courtesy our friends at

Of course, the real fun wasn’t in the polished music video performance.   No, the real highlights came from rehearsal.

Here’s goaltender Jose Theodore and a slightly-behind-the-beat Brooks Laich on guitar, wading through a pile of cover tunes.  They kick things off with a little bit of “Sweet Home Alabama,” followed by Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive.”  The place really gets rocking though, when the Saskatchewan-born winger hits the opening chord of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me” — with a great assist by the crowd on vocals.  (Where were the polished pipes of Alex Ovechkin during this performance?)  Unfortunately, a failed, inadvertent mash-up of “Blitzkrieg Bop” and “The Hockey Song” (sung by an Ovie-jersey-clad fan) closes out the set.

Not bad for a town that has a long history of hockey-musicians. (Anyone remember Joey Juneau hitting skins for his band “The Off-Wings”?)    With Juneau long gone and netminder Jose Theodore now backstopping in Miami, the drumsticks have been passed on. The Caps drum throne is now filled by defenseman Mike Green, who’s working on his chops:

C’mon, Brooksie, change that string for the poor guy already…

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