So The NHL Players Have Reached Animal Status

The players that have chosen to speak out about how hard they have it, have made it personal.

The latest players to come forward have been Alexander Ovechkin, David Krejci, and Sergei Kostitsyn. They all said just about the same thing. They would prefer to play in Europe, they like the money, they like the atmosphere, they are treated like kings. Well, they didn’t say they have been treated like kings, but their comments toward the NHL make it seem like they live in palaces with intricate tapestries and velvet curtains. Gold leafed thrones that serve as a bench in their stall, a woman standing with a large palm fanning them- ok I’ll stop.

I could handle Henrik Zetterberg and Ilya Bryzgalov spewing out typical PR empty threats to ruffle some feathers, but now it’s gone overboard. How do you expect to be treated like a professional and receive respect when you publicly bash the guys on the other side of the table?

Players who have been so bold as to say they wouldn’t mind staying in Russia, or Sweden – wherever they may be- instead of coming back to the NHL are putting the nail in the lockout coffin.

“Let’s put it this way — it would be better (for the players) if the lockout continues,” said Kostitsyn 25, who also called Columbus, Ohio “the gloomiest” place in the world.

“Players want a definite answer. If the NHL season is lost — let it be that way. I would then play in Russia for the whole season.” Bruce Garrioch, Ottawa Sun

Kostitsyn has a bit of an attitude; refusing to report to the AHL, now ridiculing the NHL for being second rate. Well, if you really hate the NHL that much and love the KHL… play for the KHL. As Ovechkin stated, go to court and get your contract annulled. Divorce the NHL Kostitsyn, I dare you. The fact that Kostitsyn has a contract that forks over 3 million a season is disturbing to me anyway.

Krejci decided to go -what I would call- a little too far overboard with his statements. “It’s a shame for the entire hockey world. (He) treats us like animals.” LF Press Now, David, you play hockey, get world class health care and nutrition with the Bruins, and make $5.25 million. Let me get this straight, you make $5.25 million  a year and you’re treated like an animal?

Ahem. Let’s compare. I work retail, and I hate it 99.9% of the time. I work because I have to in order to go to school, and, well, take care of myself. As anyone who has worked retail, or customer service knows, we get treated like total animals sometimes. By total animals, I mean, if the customer is having a bad day, we are their punching bag and there’s nothing we can do about it. If we stick up for ourselves, we can get fired. The customer is always right.

Even though I wear a lanyard at work with my name on it in big letters, I still get snapped at, whistled at, and -my favourite- the “Hello?!”. Now, this comes with the territory and it makes you feel worthless some days. The point is, I make a HEFTY $10.25 an hour. I know, right? Where did I score this gig!?

Krejci pictured being treated like an animal having to wear a green Bruins jersey. (Bob DeChiara-US PRESSWIRE)

As an animal, I’m wondering which kind he is referring to. You mean like the ones at the zoo who have nice confined spaces, are fed at certain times each day, have toys, families, have direct access to vets when they’re sick, or hurt, are in no danger? Oh, yes, those pampered animals. I feel so bad for them, stuck in cages that stretch acres wide, never having to worry about their next meal, or illness.

So yes, David Krejci, being treated like a zoo animal must be so hard. You have world-class doctors and trainers at your disposal, you have to pinch your pennies with that $5.25 million a year, and you have to live in Massachusetts? I feel bad for you son, you’ve got 99 problems and living comfortably ain’t one.

Nobody is taking these allegations of the NHL treating their players like animals seriously, because, really… they have all the benefits in the world within their organizations. They have fat stacks to go with it, and fly on private planes. There’s no pity party going on here. Stop trying to win a PR battle. Buckle down and end the lockout with your silence, don’t lengthen it with your pompous statements.