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NHL '94 Cover Art

NHL 94 – The Best Game Ever?

When EA Sports’ NHL 15 was released, gaming experts and fans alike offered some mediocre reviews and criticisms of EA’s current offering. Some online and GM mode features that were featured […]

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EA Sports has the Blues winning the 2014 Stanley Cup (courtesy EA Sports)

NHL 15: Teaching An Old Dog?

With the release of NHL 15 by EA Sports on September 9, I am left to ponder about my lifetime of video gaming ever since I started playing those “pong” paddles. […]

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Marian Hossa is on the other side of his prime but he is still very effective. (David Sandford/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports)

WFH Champions League: The Beginning

With hockey in full swing now, and the teams that you love that don’t love you back are stumbling out of the gate, or teams that you cover for a […]

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Flyers Forward Claude Giroux takes a faceoff against Eisbaren Berlin Forward Claude Giroux in NHL 13. (EA Sports)

Is NHL 13 The Cure For NHL Withdrawal Syndrome?

NHL 13 is the latest entry of the continual evolution of the EA Sports hockey series, with each edition getting more realistic than the last. While simply playing the game […]

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Preparing to Say Goodbye to Pixelated Evander Kane

Preparing to Say Goodbye to Pixelated Evander Kane

I was starting to develop an unhealthy reliance on the pixelated version of Evander Kane. The Winnipeg Jets left-winger has been, to me, one of the last barriers to full […]

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photo: Rob Elbaz - The Hockey Writers

P.K. Subban Talks Contract, New Habs Management and Video Games

P.K. Subban was on hand in Montreal Monday night as EA Sports released the newest version of their popular “NHL” video game at midnight Tuesday. NHL 13 is the 22nd […]

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NHL 13: Will It Be The Best Hockey Video Game Ever?

NHL 13: Will It Be The Best Hockey Video Game Ever?

NHL 13 hits shelves soon. Will it be the best hockey video game ever?

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screen shot from 1988's Ice Hockey for the NES

The Evolution of the Hockey Video Game

With another contentious NHL lockout looming, fans will be searching for something to fill the hockey void. For some of us, the best way to do that is by getting […]

by · August 31, 2012 · 6 comments · News
NASA Heat Map for 30 June 2012

Dispatches From Planet Hockey: “TikTok” Edition

By Jas Faulkner, contributing editor author’s note Stick taps to jball0918 for catching my mistake about Zach Parise’s nationality. “Play ‘FREEBIRD,’ Y’all!” The remaining hours of June 2012 are whithering […]

Cover Warfare: NSH and PHI Face Off Over EA Sports NHL 13

Cover Warfare: NSH and PHI Face Off Over EA Sports NHL 13

 by Jas Faulkner, contributing editor Dr. Hook and Shel Silverstein may have been on to something* in 1973 when they wrote their tribute to that symbol of rock and roll […]


Rangers Drive and Thrive Atop Eastern Conference

Talk of the town, not slack of the town as the Rangers take a three-game win streak on the road restoring confidence for the team and their fans. Players have […]

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Steven Stamkos: Last Season’s Scoring Slump, 2011-12’s Point Production

You don’t get your likeness on the annual edition of EA Sports’ NHL video game by accident. But back-to-back explosive seasons, totaling 96 goals, will get you that kind of […]

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