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A Letter to NHL Fanboys & Homers

A Letter to NHL Fanboys & Homers

Your team isn’t special.  They are not the greatest thing since sliced bread.  They are not a group of angels that have never made a dirty play in their careers. […]

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A True Fan vs. Being a Jerk

Rarely do I write this kind of article, but after an experience during the Minnesota Wild vs. New Jersey Devils game aka the first game Zach Parise played in the […]

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Hey, we are back for another fantasy hockey edition of He Said/She Said! This week the unthinkable happens! (File Photo)

Fantasy Hockey 101: The Women Strike Back!

Our “Women In Hockey” series returns on The Hockey Writers. This segment of the series will at times have a more “He said / she said” concept to it but this […]

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Video: 20 Unwritten Rules You Should Follow When Attending an NHL Game

Video: 20 Unwritten Rules You Should Follow When Attending an NHL Game

Hockey Fan Etiquette If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending an NHL game, you know that it’s an experience like no other.  The speed and physicality of the game […]

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Fair-Weatherism Is Ok

Fair-Weatherism Is Ok

  Few things are more irritating than a Johnny-or-Jane-come-lately who expects reverence. This being the case, most “fair-weather fan” accusations are perfectly valid. “Don’t tell me who’s gonna be in […]

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Chris Stewart has seen his name surface in trade rumors (Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)

Chris Stewart, Blues: Stew-Bomb, It’s Time To Go Off

Chris Stewart had a banner year last season, which saw him lead the St. Louis Blues in total points (36); something the front office was looking for over the previous […]

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2013: The Shortened Season That Felt So Long

2013: The Shortened Season That Felt So Long

Wow, time flies. There are less than eight games left for most teams to finish up the shortened 2013 NHL season. But don’t let the 48-game season fool you. For […]

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Patrice Bergeron was Boston's best player in the Eastern Conference quarterfinals. (Icon SMI)

Boston Bruins: Victims Of Their Recent History

There’s an odd dichotomy bubbling up around the 2013 Boston Bruins. On one hand, this team currently boasts a record of 18-4-3, good for 5th overall in the NHL while […]

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After The NHL Lockout: Is There Still A “Pureness” To Hockey?

Perhaps the most disappointing part of the NHL lockout is the fact that monetary gain was put before everything else. There was zero effort to prepare for the Collective Bargaining […]

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2011-12 Kings names on the Stanley Cup (credit: Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)

How the NHL Can Win Back Its Fans

After over 100 days of stupidity ended with the new collective bargaining agreement this week, the NHL can now turn its attention to two far more important items: playing hockey […]

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Now What Can the NHL Do For You, the Fans

Now What Can the NHL Do For You, the Fans

The 113 day NHL lockout has sent many fans on a roller coaster of emotions. The hope of a full season didn’t last long, and just as the holiday season arrived so […]

What would Reggie Dunlop make of the shenanigans of the last four months? (Universal Pictures)

Dropping the Gloves: Now What?

by Jas Faulkner, contributing editor and general purpose grouch In the last 117 days, the big stories of the season happened at locations that are not normally associated with North […]