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Based on prior history, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman probably expects the NHLPA to cave sooner or later. (Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE)

NHL to Seattle: If You Build It, We Will (Probably) Come

Field of Dreams was an overrated 1989 Kevin Costner flick about the ghosts of the 1917 Chicago “Black Sox” scandal coming to play in a newly built baseball stadium, situated […]

Gary Bettman (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Bettman vs Katy Perry

The Stanley Cup Playoffs finally returned to Winnipeg this year and just as they came they went, but the Jets fans wouldn’t be silenced easily. The Jets fans were one of the […]

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Gary Bettman will soon have to make a decision about the Coyotes (Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE)

How To Make The NHL Playoffs More Compelling

No matter your lot in life, you always try to get better everyday. That is a common goal of most in today’s society, try to be better today than you […]

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Hockey Violence in Quotations

The NHL’s legal problems are beginning to pile up in the form of class action lawsuits filed by former players accusing the league of encouraging its players towards on-ice violence […]

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Philadelphia Flyers - Vincent Lecavalier - Photo by Andy Martin Jr

Predicting An NHL Roster In Las Vegas

There has been much debate and controversy over the NHL’s potential expansion to Las Vegas, Nevada. While it is far from a done deal, there appears to be far more reason to […]

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Questioning the NHL’s Move to Las Vegas

When Tony Gallagher of The Province reported back in August that the NHL’s quest for expansion in Las Vegas was a “done deal” there was quite the commotion from fans […]

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Commentary: Stadium Series Should Be an Event, Not an Afterthought

Saturday evening was just another night for me. I ate an early dinner, shaved and headed to the Scottrade Center to cover the Pittsburgh Penguins and St. Louis Blues game […]

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With mountains, lakes, forests and money, about the only thing Seattle doesn't have is the NHL - yet. Credit: Spmenic, at Wikimedia Commons.

10 Reasons Why the NHL Must Expand to Seattle

The expansion of choice has become an explosion of choice — Sheena Iyengar Ever since investor Chris Hansen exploded on the scene three years ago vowing to build an arena […]

Gary Bettman will soon have to make a decision about the Coyotes (Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE)

It’s Time The NHL Changes The Points System

There are some things in the NHL that don’t make a lot of sense.  One of the biggest things that doesn’t make sense, is the current points system that the […]

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Time for a Change? Examining the NHL’s Point System.

There’s always talk among hockey fans about what can be done to change the game. Some ideas are radical, some actually happen, and others just fade away. Some people feel […]

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15 Crazy Rule Changes the NHL Needs

15 Crazy Rule Changes the NHL Needs

In terms of the “big 4″ sports in the US, it’s no secret that the NHL lags far behind in 4th. The most recent estimates put the NHL’s revenue at […]

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Patrick Kane, Anze Kopitar, and Patrice Bergeron sit in on the announcement of 2016's World Cup of Hockey. (Credit: Alex Busch/Staff)

World Cup of Hockey, an Olympic Replacement?

The World Cup of Hockey is returning in 2016 with a bit of a twist. Not only will the tournament be held in one location (Toronto), a pair of hybrid […]

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