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So, Your Maple Leafs Made The Playoffs, Eh?

So, Your Maple Leafs Made The Playoffs, Eh?

So, your Toronto Maple Leafs have qualified for the playoffs again, eh? First time since 2004. There’s a palpable excitement in Toronto as the city’s hockey heroes have finally made […]

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Dan Bouchard (Hockey Hall of Fame Digital Archive)

Lost in the Lockout: the Flames turn 40

On October 7, 1972, the Atlanta Flames played their first game in the National Hockey League. They ventured onto Long Island to tangle with the debuting New York Islanders at […]

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(Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club)

Quinn’s Maple Leafs: Most Memorable Playoff Moments

Sadly for LeafNation, playoff memories are not recent at all. They pre-date the 2004-05 NHL lockout. They don’t include any Stanley Cup final appearances, let alone championships in the last […]

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(Photo Credit: Andy Martin Jr)

Phoenix Coyotes Should be Heading Home with Hardware

Who says that you can’t win Coach or GM of the Year multiple times? Since its inception in the 1973-74 season, the Jack Adams Award, given to the best head […]

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Lindros makes long awaited arrival to Citizens Bank Park (JJohnson/THW)

Lindros, Flyers Alumni Adored by Packed House at Practice

A large crowd of people turned out at practice today to watch a very special Winter Classic Alumni Team practice. The crowd was estimated to be over 1,000 people to […]

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Original Six era Leafs logo

Confusing Times for Leaf Fans

It was during a Twitter conversation with a fellow Leaf fan that I realized these are somewhat confusing times for Leaf Nation. Fairly good times, but confusing nonetheless. Before people […]

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Leafs Coach Ron Wilson Won His 600th Game – And That’s Meaningless

Ron Wilson’s 600th NHL coaching victory in San Jose on Tuesday night got me thinking. Since he’s only one of only a handful of men to reach that milestone, how does he fit in among that group of seven? Will Wilson’s name be mentioned when, say 50 years from now, the game’s great historians discuss the top coaches in NHL history?

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Bergeron for Selke?

Bergeron for Selke?

With most of Massachusetts closed down due to the snow, it is a great time to reflect upon the goings-on in the world of hockey … a show-day edition of […]

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Oilers Coach Pat Quinn Steps Down

Oilers Coach Pat Quinn Steps Down

After just one season behind the bench of the Edmonton Oilers, Pat Quinn has decided to step down as  head coach of the Edmonton Oilers. It was certainly a season […]

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Shake-up of the Edmonton Oilers Staff

Shake-up of the Edmonton Oilers Staff

The Edmonton Oilers appear to be gutting the team in more places than just on the ice. GM Steve Tambellini fired chief of medical staff Ken Lowe, and dismissed the […]

by · April 28, 2010 · 1 comment · Edmonton Oilers
From the NHL Oilers to the WHL Oil Kings (above), Edmonton's hockey teams have hit rock bottom. (Resolute: Wikipedia Commons)

Notes from the Western Conference Cellar

Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic With the Oilers on pace for their worst season ever, the hearts and minds of Oiler Nation have turned to the Taylor Hall […]

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Sam Gagner (Bridgetds/Flickr)

Oilers Answer the Bell With Season on the Line

It may be the defining moment of the Edmonton Oilers’ season. On Sunday, November 24th, head coach Pat Quinn held a closed door meeting with his veteran players. The timing […]

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