That’s CAPTAIN Weber To You!

by Jas Faulkner, Nashville Correspondent

The story so far:

Training camp started and everyone found out that it wasn’t going to be business as usual as all of the returning pros and wannabes  would  have to prove themselves worthy of a spot on the roster by playing like they meant it at the rookie matches and scrimmages.  Linus Klasen got Lucy Van Pelted down in Florida.   Trotz got his coach on in the rink and Sully, Leggy and many of the usual suspects began to show that, as the neon sugar water has promised, they had it in them.  It, whatever it was, was put to some tough tests as everybody got paired with everybody else just to see what would happen  against Staal’s Big Red Wind from the ‘Linas twice and an Ovi-less Washington.   (They did bring Mike Green, who at age 30 still looks like the kid who used to yank the bologna out of everybody’s sandwiches, rub his palms on it and ask people if they wanted it back.)  Dumont got a goal against ‘Lina and Tootoo got in touch with his inner Gregory Peck by walking away from some unneccesary aggro stupidity.  Pekka Rinne was Pekka Rinne.  Wade Belak and Kelsey Wilson got to know some of the opposition very well as sweaters were tugged and minutes were spent in quiet contemplation in the pentalty box for being boistrous young men.  Monday brought a new week and as Trotz promised the press, more veterans on the ice. Atlanta tried to bring the push and Kostitsyn said nyet to that noise and the Thrashers’ goalie said да!  Then somebody said, “Oh yeah?  Where’s Arnott?”  and Shea Weber said, “See this ‘C’?  I’m capatin now, suckahs!”  Nashville got its first home win since the break and Predsnation said, “Yay!”

And that’s what you’ve missed if you haven’t been coming to the ‘Stone.

Tonight Nashville will face off against the Thrashers on their own ice.  We’ll see if the pared down roster is leaner and meaner and ready to eat some Southern Fried lunch.  Then it’s one more to go in preseason with the Cats heading to the Caps home rink where they’ll teach Washington a thing or two about the audacity of hockey.

Up next: Later today I get a little more serious about training camp.   The bloggers and the kids make an appearance later this week and I try to track down the broadcast people who have been very nice and patient.

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Jas Faulkner



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