The Best of #Podium


In case you missed it, last night during CBA negotiations, a podium was set up outside the conference room where the two sides were meeting. The appearance of the podium caused chaos…at least on Twitter, when the hashtag #Podium began trending.

This morning THW’s Josh Smith presented readers with his Top Ten NHL Podiums, so I’m presenting my own personal favorite #podium tweets, because when that hashtag started trending, the hockey community showed what greatness it’s made of, even after everything it has had to put up with.

["Oh Holy Podium, speak for us."]

Hockey fans rule.

Ross Bonander
Ross Bonander is a freelance health writer and quotations editor. His work includes Hockey Talk, a collection of memorable hockey quotes and So So In Centerfield, an unusual collection of baseball quotes. He also writes extensively about blood cancers and other health issues. His homepage is
Ross Bonander
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