THW Live Episode 13: Hockey Apocalypse? Maybe Not?

Sunday night is the night for hockey! We bring on THW’s own Mike Colligan and the big man from Spectors Hockey, Lyle Richardson to talk some puck!.. (Josh Smith / THW)

It was another crazy and wild week with the NHL and the CBA. Allegedly nothing much happened but the two sides did get “closer” if you can call it that. If you placed Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman in a steel cage, what would happen? The blood vessels might burst near their vocal cords before they fight it out. They have managed to get under each other’s skin though Fehr maybe has rattled Bettman a bit more. The scenario that paints out is a 48 game season or bust unless something were to happen in very short order.

The THW Live promise as we have always made to the listeners is to devote more time to hockey that is being played over the mess that is the current CBA. There are many things to go over in the week that was hockey. The NHL is not there just yet but we are, as always. There is no issue we will dodge on our weekly rounds. Sixty minutes are on the clock and these are some of the topics that will be on the docket for Sunday night at 8pm eastern time.

  • Introduction Time!
  • First up: Mike Colligan from Forbes and The Hockey Writers
  • Spanning the hockey world — KHL, AHL, CHL and more.
  • What does Sidney Crosby actually do next?
  • Then we have a chat with dear friend of the show, Lyle Richardson.
  • Christmas shopping for the hockey fan!
  • A tease of how we may cover the 2013 World Juniors?
  • We wrap up and then take it into the OVERTIME!

Now do not fret. We have all your hockey needs taken care of on the show. Remember that as Christmas approaches, there will be a few extra special shows potentially along the way from us to you. The listeners deserve that much and our goal is to give you that unique hockey talk that one will not find anywhere else.

Come check out THW Live as always on the site and naturally the longer, unedited version right here. The questions will get tougher, the truth will be harder to handle but every Sunday, we go to battle for the hockey fan as we even start to span the fantasy hockey leagues in our “overtime” coverage. We hope you can join us and tell your friends. The best is yet to come.


Chris Wassel

Fantasy Hockey / Feature Writer


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