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It’s (finally) that time of year again, where hope abounds and everyone gazes into their crystal pucks in order to make their predictions about the immediate future of NHL hockey.

In the best of years, this task is borderline folly, for who can really know what to expect when paper rosters and schedules play out at the rink? And in a 48 game, compressed schedule, it gets even trickier when you consider how little teams have been given to prepare, especially those who made major adjustments over the summer.

There’s the risk of injury (groin pulls for $100, Alex), past & potential free agent signings & trades, new coaches & systems, division-heavy / rivalry-fueled schedules, and, of course, the reality that the Stanley Cup is the most difficult trophy in sport to win, period.

(Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE)

Which team will have their picture taken with the Cup this June? (Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE)

Here at The Hockey Writers, we’ve assembled a squad of 17 contributors who have offered up their best guesses as to who will win this year’s NHL Awards, as well as the Conference & Stanley Cup Champion teams.

Please feel free to add your own predictions in the comments section below.

One thing we can all agree on? It’s good to be talking about actually NHL hockey again.

Individual Awards

THW ContributorHartArt RossRichardNorrisVezinaCalder
Chris WasselQuickMalkinMalkinWeberQuickGranlund
Fred PoulinQuickMalkinR. NashCharaQuickGranlund
Dan RiceToewsDatsyukKovalchukCharaMillerGranlund
Margann LaurissaGirouxMalkinStamkosWeberRinneGranlund
Mike MiccoliGirouxStamkosStamkosCharaQuickJ. Schultz
Mark RitterCrosbyCrosbyMalkinWeberLundqvistJ. Schultz
Ryan PikeMalkinMalkinStamkosKarlssonLundqvistBaertschi
Matthew DimmickGirouxMalkinStamkosDoughtyQuickHuberdeau
Anton TibaldiMalkinCrosbyStamkosPietrangeloLundqvistHuberdeau
Jameson CooperStamkosGirouxStamkosCharaRaskHuberdeau
Adam StafkiMalkinMalkinStamkosWeberQuickGranlund
Santino FasuloCrosbyCrosbyStamkosWeberLundqvistGalchenyuk
Marcy DimicheleCrosbyCrosbyOvechkinPietrangeloQuickHuberdeau
Stephen StonemanLundqvistR. NashKesselM. StaalLundqvistStrome
Michael FarkasCrosbyCrosbyGaborikDoughtyPriceJ. Schultz
Josh SmithStamkosMalkinStamkosWeberLundqvistGranlund
Ian McLarenMalkinMalkinStamkosCharaLundqvistYakupov

Conference Champions / Stanley Cup Winner

THW ContributorEastWestStanley Cup
Chris WasselBruinsCanucksCanucks
Fred PoulinPenguinsBluesBlues
Dan RiceCapitalsBlackhawksBlackhawks
Margann LaurissaFlyersBluesFlyers
Mike MiccoliRangersKingsRangers
Mark RitterPenguinsKingsPenguins
Ryan PikeRangersKingsRangers
Matthew DimmickRangersBluesRangers
Anton TibaldiPenguinsBluesPenguins
Jameson CooperLightningKingsLightning
Adam StafkiRangersBluesRangers
Santino FasuloPenguinsBluesPenguins
Marcy Di MicheleRangersCanucksRangers
Stephen StonemanRangersBluesRangers
Michael FarkasPenguinsKingsPenguins
Josh SmithRangersCanucksRangers
Ian McLarenHurricanesBluesHurricanes

There you have it. Puck drops on Saturday at 3 pm EST!

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