Wings/Jackets Highlights: Meech Learns a Lesson, Nash Pulls a Trick

I wonder if Marian Hossa had a word or two of advice for Derek Meech after he sprung Rick Nash on a penalty shot-like breakaway last night with his ill-advised pass. One thing’s for sure: If Hossa didn’t you can bet your sweet potatoes that head coach Mike Babcock did. Possibly something along these lines:

“Hey kid, if you ever want to see another minute of ice time I better not ever see you pull that sorry (expletive deleted) again.”

You have to hand it Rick Nash though; the guy is as silky smooth as every one of Victoria’s proverbial secrets.




  1. You’re grasping there, buddy… big time.

  2. Cliche? This coming from someone who used “faves” in a sentence. Why not go all the way and throw in “LOL,” “OMG” or some other equally juvenile, pseudo-hip slang.

    Knock it off now before you make yourself look even more ridiculous than you already have. Really, it’s ugly (kind of like that pass from Meech).

  3. I guess I’d expect nothing less from an impassioned fan/blogger.

    And if you’re insistent on peddling cliches as awful as that Victoria’s Secret one, here’s a bit of help:

    You might even find a few of your faves there.

  4. Victoria’s proverbial secrets. Every single one of them.

    And I guarantee Babcock had some words for Meech. No self-respecting coach wouldn’t. Plays like that demand it, professional or not.

    And if I wanted to be overdramatic I would have written something like “Meech had his head up his ass and made himself and his team look ridiculous.”

    Look for it next time he screws up.

  5. Kinda reminds me of the Penguins giving up two short handed goals to Simon Gagne earlier this season. For shame.

  6. btw… “Victoria’s proverbial secrets?” Really?

  7. The best players in the game make boneheaded moves from time to time, and since Meech hasn’t made any other real stand-out bad moves in the last two years, I’d say this is more than a bit overdramatic. Also, I bet Babcock didn’t even have to say a word. Everything there is to know about the situation is already there, if unspoken.