Wings/Jackets Highlights: Meech Learns a Lesson, Nash Pulls a Trick

I wonder if Marian Hossa had a word or two of advice for Derek Meech after he sprung Rick Nash on a penalty shot-like breakaway last night with his ill-advised pass. One thing’s for sure: If Hossa didn’t you can bet your sweet potatoes that head coach Mike Babcock did. Possibly something along these lines:

“Hey kid, if you ever want to see another minute of ice time I better not ever see you pull that sorry (expletive deleted) again.”

You have to hand it Rick Nash though; the guy is as silky smooth as every one of Victoria’s proverbial secrets.


  • Janey

    You’re grasping there, buddy… big time.

  • Paul Benvin

    Cliche? This coming from someone who used “faves” in a sentence. Why not go all the way and throw in “LOL,” “OMG” or some other equally juvenile, pseudo-hip slang.

    Knock it off now before you make yourself look even more ridiculous than you already have. Really, it’s ugly (kind of like that pass from Meech).

  • Janey

    I guess I’d expect nothing less from an impassioned fan/blogger.

    And if you’re insistent on peddling cliches as awful as that Victoria’s Secret one, here’s a bit of help:

    You might even find a few of your faves there.

  • Paul Benvin

    Victoria’s proverbial secrets. Every single one of them.

    And I guarantee Babcock had some words for Meech. No self-respecting coach wouldn’t. Plays like that demand it, professional or not.

    And if I wanted to be overdramatic I would have written something like “Meech had his head up his ass and made himself and his team look ridiculous.”

    Look for it next time he screws up.

  • Chris Shafer

    Kinda reminds me of the Penguins giving up two short handed goals to Simon Gagne earlier this season. For shame.

  • Janey

    btw… “Victoria’s proverbial secrets?” Really?

  • Janey

    The best players in the game make boneheaded moves from time to time, and since Meech hasn’t made any other real stand-out bad moves in the last two years, I’d say this is more than a bit overdramatic. Also, I bet Babcock didn’t even have to say a word. Everything there is to know about the situation is already there, if unspoken.