Winners & Losers from HBO 24/7 Episode 1

HBO ran their first episode last night, (although apparently Canadians have to wait a bit), and while there might not have been a Bryzgalov type to run away with the show there were still a few standout performers. Here are the winners and losers.


Winner: Almond Butter

Apparently the Leafs’ breakfast room no longer serves the traditional peanut butter and has made the switch to the much trendier almond butter. But is almond butter really a healthier option? I went to Google to find out. As it so happens, almond butter is in fact higher in several micronutrients. Great choice, Leafs management.

Almonds: The preferred nut of the Toronto Maple Leafs


Loser: Peanut Butter

You’ll always have me though.


Loser:  Alfredsson’s Daughter Son

Don’t you dare try to pick your nose around your old man. Even if the cameras around you don’t pick it up, he will be sure to make sure we all know about your filthy habit. Daniel Alfredsson, embarrassing his loved ones nonstop since growing his hair out like Krusty all those years ago. (Note: Thank you SF for the correction.)

Winner: Tomas Tatar’s Player Introductions

Sure, it took me a few listens before I finally understood that he was saying, “The guy who came into the saloon and asked for Tatar haircut,” but that was all part of the Slovak’s charm. These were nice, and they were the type of thing that always makes this show special.


Loser: LeafsTV

Dave Nonis and Dave Poulin are watching the Phaneuf hit against Boston on an iPad. The game was broadcasted in Canada by LeafsTV yet for some reason Leafs management is watching the NESN feed. This bothered me. Why not use the footage owned by your parent company? It would be like seeing Datsyuk and Zetterberg eating Pizza Hut over Little Caesars.


Winner: Opponents of the Red Wings and Maple Leafs

In the four games shown in Episode 1, opponents of our two featured teams went 4-0-0. We know that the next game for the Leafs will be an ugly loss in St. Louis before a big win at home against Chicago. The Red Wings, lost their next two after the home-and-home against the Panthers. It should be mentioned that there was in fact a time when the two teams chosen for the Winter Classic were supposed to be contenders.


Winner: Fans of Jimmy Howard’s Movements

It’s the second intermission, and just what in the hell is Howard doing? Goalies are weird.


Loser: Randy Carlyle

All the man wanted was some toast, and he even checks in with James Reimer to see if the machine he’s about to trust with his breakfast is functional. Probably because of something Paul Ranger did, the toaster stops working while Carlyle’s bread is still in it. Because this is MLSE, they have a toaster guy, Bobby, who comes in to save the day but not before Carlyle pretends to ‘zap’ him, and then laughs about it to the cameras. It’s a nice reminder that just because an old man is the coach of a professional sports team, it does not mean that he’s not still an old man. Yes, the longest entry of the day is about a toaster, yes I’m done with the breakfast room scene.


Winner: Sadists

Because they know how painful it was for so many people when they showed the Bruins game 7 comeback.


Dan Russell

  • yehoshooah

    It was the pink shirt the kid was wearing. fooled me too…
    My thoughts:
    A) I remember how the leafs lost last year, I watched it live and have spent much of the time since trying to forget…this was just mean

    B) Cap’n Phaneuf sure does have a lot of suit options….good for him?

    C)That lineup thing detroit did seems straight out of pittsburgh. just didn’t seem natural

    D)I miss the “burn the boats” motto from last year in the leafs locker room. i hope they still have that…

    great article…looking forward to more….also i dont really care about the redwings. just give me more leafs stuff (maybe less lupul though?)

    • Dan Russell

      D) I believe it’s “Feed the chickens” this year.

  • Jim Zamboni

    my favourite part is when phaneuf says cya bro to his dog

  • SF

    Alfredsson doesn’t have a daughter…

    • Dan Russell

      Yikes, good pickup.