Whatever It Takes – Flyers’ Prospect Patrick Maroon

It’s hard to imagine a professional prospect that doesn’t have at least a stub on Wikipedia. That may be the story of Patrick Maroon’s life though as a big power forward out of St. Louis, Missouri with the hands of a future highlight reel NHLer. There’s not much hockey in Missouri of course and even less in the way of future professional hockey players. In a world dominated by Minnesota, Michigan, and the North Eastern United States, Maroon stands out a kid who is doing everything he can to make it to the NHL.

Future In The Balance: Top Prospect James van Riemsdyk

When teams have a terrible season the eventual payoff for a year at the bottom can change a whole team’s fate. The Carolina Hurricanes turned their 2nd overall selection in 2003 into a Stanley Cup Championship on the back of Eric Staal. The Columbus Blue Jackets got Rick Nash 1st overall in the 2002 Entry draft and the Washington Capitals got Alexander Ovechkin 1st overall in 2004. The Chicago Blackhawks scored Jonathan Toews 3rd overall in 2006 and Patrick Kane 1st overall in 2007. Pittsburgh has reshaped the entire face of its organization with Marc-Andre Fleury (1st overall in 2003), Evgeni Malkin (2nd overall in 2004), Sidney Crosby (1st overall in 2005), and Jordan Staal (2nd overall in 2006).

Sbisa To Hurricanes

Don’t panic Flyers fans, and certainly don’t rejoice you Carolina fans. Yes, Sbisa after 39 games with the Flyers will be moving on to the Hurricanes, but these are the Lethbridge Hurricanes of the WHL, strong contenders not only for the Western Hockey League title but maybe even the Memorial Cup as well. Today on the Flyers website there was an announcement claiming that the now 19 year old first round draft pick of the Philadelphia Flyers from the 2008 Entry Draft will no longer be with the organization for the remainder of the season.