Scott Hartnell: Once, Twice, 1,000 Times a Hockey Player

A historic night in Columbus

Scott Hartnell played in his 1,000th NHL game last night, a 4-3 loss to the Los Angeles Kings. The 32-year old scored a goal on a tic-tac-toe play with Ryan Johansen early in the second for his 13th goal of the season.

Since being drafted from the WHL’s Prince Albert Raiders, Hartnell has made a name for himself. From his flowing red locks, to his 571 career points, and his tendency to take spills during the game – the inspiration behind his Hartnell Down Foundation – the kid from Saskatchewan will forever be embedded in the minds of hockey fans.

The past 15 years have been filled with plenty of memories, both on and off the ice. We want to share the very best with you.

Hartsy hits the big screen

In case you don’t know the flick, it’s This is 40, the sequel to Knocked Up. The two ladies in the scene are Leslie Mann and Megan Fox. If you don’t know who Megan Fox is, go watch the first Transformers.

Anyway, Hartnell went on to recite a few more lines during the scene, but he did an admirable job portraying himself – a fun-loving guy. Also, his afro game is strong in this scene.

Way to use your head

This is one of the wackier goals use see. Ryan Johansen throws the puck towards the slot, it bounces off of Alex Pietrangelo’s stick, then Hartnell’s head, the top of the net, onto Atkinson’s stick and in. If that confuses you, it should.

Normal people would get out of the way when a hard piece of rubber comes flying towards their face, but Hartnell is unlike most people. He sees an opportunity to score and comes inches away from possibly scoring the league’s first header.

Scotty messes with Pittsburgh

It’s no secret that Hartnell doesn’t like the Penguins; he has stated so many times. Here he is mocking a Penguins fan who resembles Hulk Hogan. Enjoy.

The 2011-12 season

It was Hartnell’s most productive NHL season. He registered 67 points (37 G, 30 A) and was selected to his first and only All-Star game. It also marked the last time he skated in all 82 games – he has done so four times in his career.

Hartnell v. New York Rangers

Tempers boiled over with this game slowly slipping away, but Hartnell is not afraid to get under anybody’s skin. Here, you’ll see Hartnell attempting to take on the entire Rangers active roster. You go, Hartsy.