Image Directions

Okay, so here’s how you insert images. Choose where you want the image to go (have one placed roughly every 300 words). Hit Enter/Return after the paragraph that precedes where you want the image to go. This creates a new block. Click the little plus (+) sign and search for the image block. It looks like a polaroid image.

After that, the following screen will appear. This is the image block itself. Click Media Library.

That will open the media library. In the upper right is a search bar where you can search our library for images. All images except those from the USA Today are good to use. Find one, click on it, and hit select in the bottom right corner.

Once the image is placed, click on it and a popup menu will appear. This is how you align images. Click the icon that’s circled and a drop down menu will appear. Click on the center align option. That’s how we like all images to be placed.