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Prospects are one of the most important parts of an NHL franchise and over the last few years, there’s been a rise in the focus that hockey fans put on keeping track of them.

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Whether they are already drafted or are looking to be drafted in the coming seasons, THW’s writers work tirelessly to make sure that we have everything you need.

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Every year, our prospect experts analyze the state of the NHL prospect pool and how every NHL team’s farm system stacks up against the rest. Here’s just some of their work:

The NHL’s Top-100 Prospects Ranked

Prospects graduate, they get traded, they perform better or worse than expected, and sometimes they simply don’t make the cut. In recent years, it seems like the talent pool is getting deeper and better as the years go on. With a wealth of skilled prospects in the league, we take a look at the top-100 in the league.

Every NHL Team’s Top Prospect

On most teams, they have a clear-cut, number one prospect in the organization. Others have two or more that could easily take the title, but for the most part, there’s an obvious choice. In this list, we’ll take a look at just who those to prospects are.

Ranking Every NHL Team’s Farm System

A team’s farm system is a very fluid thing. Prospects graduate to become full-time NHL players, general managers make trades involving some of these young players, and sometimes players just don’t work out. Knowing exactly what you have, where they are in their development and what they need to accomplish next is a major responsibility of every front office.

The Top Goaltending Prospects in the NHL Ranked

Goaltenders have been, and will likely always be, the toughest position to evaluate in hockey. How many high draft picks haven’t panned out? How many late-round selections did? Usually, the highest-drafted goaltender doesn’t always end up being the best one down the road. Each team has its own opinion on what makes a goaltender great around the draft and how they’ll develop down the road.

The Best NHL Prospect From Each Country

With the NHL’s regular season just around the corner, we round out our offseason prospect coverage with a ranking of the best NHL prospects from each country. We only include players who have been drafted by NHL teams and who we believe have a realistic chance at becoming meaningful contributors in the NHL someday.

The latest articles about drafted prospects from our expert team

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