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Oilers History: The Importance of Jimmy Carson

Oilers History: The Importance of Jimmy Carson

December 9th, 2019 Regardless of the sport, being traded for an all-time great is never an easy thing for the player going in the other direction. With that said, being the guy who the Edmonton Oilers got in return for Wayne Gretzky is an altogether different beast. This was the hand Jimmy Carson was dealt during...

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December 5th, 2019
Edmonton Oilers

When it comes to the cost of acquiring left-winger Taylor Hall from the New Jersey Devils, according to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman: The Devils have made it clear they want first-rounders (although they are willing to discuss conditional situations, depending on the acquiring team’s ability to re-sign Hall or playoff results) and/or high-level prospects who are ready to play. When it comes to the Edmonton Oilers chances of being involved, Friedman added, "I do think Edmonton’s interested, but there’s a limit. I’m not convinced the Oilers will pay what New Jersey wants." The first ask (the first-round pick) likely takes the Oilers out of the Hall conversation. Holland has made it clear he's willing to, but not keen on moving Edmonton's to choice in the upcoming draft, mainly because he sees how valuable those picks can be, especially if a lottery ball bounces your way. The second ask might be doable. That said, the Oilers would have to find the right...
December 3rd, 2019
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As we all saw during this summer’s NHL Expansion Draft, there is no guarantee a club will net a player or players who are likely to make a meaningful impact on the franchise. Though we will have to wait and see how things play out for the Vegas Golden Knights, history tells us the Edmonton Oilers picked up such a player back in 1979, when they used their second pick to select defenceman Lee Fogolin from the Buffalo Sabres. There is no question the organization was looking to secure a veteran rugged rearguard that would help Wayne Gretzky and company find their way during their initial run through the NHL. In a best case scenario, Edmonton was hoping Fogolin would be a solid short-term fit for a couple of years. Anything more than that would have had to be considered a big win but no one could have imagined just how big a win it would turn out to be. Lee Fogolin #2 (Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images) Fogolin Was the Perfect Fit In...
December 2nd, 2019
Edmonton Oilers

In an Edmonton Oilers news and rumors update, the most dynamic duo in the NHL accomplished a feat that hasn’t been accomplished in years, there is buzz surrounding Taylor Hall and the Oilers odds of landing him, and speculation surrounds Ken Holland’s willingness to move a first-round draft pick to improve the team this season. Finally, there are some news items regarding injuries and World Juniors. McDavid and Draisaitl Combo Continues to Wow It’s amazing what both Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl are doing this season as the top-scoring duo in the NHL. Hammering home how impressive their season’s have been, they are the first pair of players to hit 50 points in less than 30 games since Wayne Gretzky & Jari Kurri did so in 1984-85. They are also the first pair of teammates with 45 points thru a team's first 25 games since Mario Lemieux & Jaromir Jagr in 1995-96. https://twitter.com/nhl/status/1201366869183258626?s=21 Even more incredible is the fact...

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