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The San Jose Sharks joined the NHL ahead of the 1991-92 season when the Gund brothers, minority owners of the Minnesota North Stars, wanted to relocate the North Stars to the Bay Area. After the league vetoed that plan, a deal was struck that resulted in the Gunds selling their shares in the North Stars in exchange for having the opportunity to buy an expansion franchise. The Sharks struggled out of the gate and didn’t post a winning record until the 1999-00 season. What followed, though, was a period of consistent success that included 13 postseason appearances in 14 years and three trips to the Western Conference Final. While they have yet to win a Stanley Cup, they did reach the 2016 Stanley Cup Final, which they lost to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

3 Sharks to Watch Following the All-Star Break

The 2023 NHL All-Star Game has come and gone in a particularly uneventful fashion. Nothing worth noting happened for San Jose Sharks representative Erik Karlsson, and the Pacific Division team was out in the first round of the bracket. Quite honestly, most of the interesting NHL news came from events outside of the All-Star Game. As a result, the league could be looking at a few fun weeks to come as the trade deadline approaches. For the Sharks, there is not much to talk about for exciting news outside the possibility of landing Connor Bedard in the offseason. With that…

Sharks Unable to Rise Above Level of Their Competition

As the NHL regular season comes out of the All-Star Break and heads into its final two months, the San Jose Sharks sit in seventh place in the Pacific Division, their 41 points putting them far closer to the worst record in the league than a playoff spot. While it’s clear that the team isn’t going to contend for anything other than the first overall pick this season, a closer look at their results reveals a slightly more complex picture. As their season has unfolded, the Sharks have consistently found themselves playing to the level of their competition, occasionally achieving…

3 San Jose Sharks That Fans Would Like to Forget About

Every franchise has opposing players who have done their team dirty in the past. I’m sure Philadelphia Flyers fans wouldn’t mind Wayne Gretzky taking a few shots from Rocky Balboa after he won two Stanley Cups against them. However, what about the hated players from your own team? I’m not entirely positive the San Jose Sharks have featured, or do feature currently, a player that is just universally hated and loathed in the teal and white. As with any passionate fan base (as San Jose truly is), there are going to be those who rubbed fans the wrong way. I’ve singled out…

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