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Welcome to the THW Podcast Network. Featuring some of the best hockey podcasts around, produced and hosted by our stellar team of writers and editors. We’ll be adding to this roster as the season progresses. If you have a high quality NHL podcast and want to be included here, please contact

Our growing roster of YouTube shows is moving into the world of podcasts. If you can’t watch them, why not listen to them. We’re going to be posting the audio version of our shows to Anchor so that you can listen to them on your favorite podcast platform. Catch the latest from:

THW Live with Mark Scheig – A new guest and topic every Thursday
THW Maple Leafs Lounge – Sunday
THW Blackhawks Banter – Tuesday
THW Chicks & Sticks – Friday
THW NHL News & Rumors with Jim Parsons – Saturday
THW Flames Faceoff – Monday
THW Oilers Overtime – Wednesday
THW Grind Line – Saturday

The Hockey Writers Oilers Scribe & Rumors Racontour, Jim Parsons, brings you the latest news, rumors and happenings around the hockey world.

Big Cat Banter is a Florida Panthers-centric podcast that goes over all of the pressing topics of the teams and leaguewide issues, hosted by Colby Guy and Joey Ganzi of The Hockey Writers.

Presented by The Hockey Writers, Tom Pepper, Jordan Jacklin & Brandon Seltenrich discuss topics surrounding the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres, and league-wide topics.

A podcast devoted to hockey in Toronto – including the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Marlies and Toronto Six – hosted by Andrew Forbes and Peter Baracchini.

Habs Unfiltered is the premier fan podcast bringing you up to date opinions and discussions on all the latest news and stories about the Habs. Trege Wilson, Matt Smith and Blain Potvin bring you up to date unfiltered opinions and insight on the Montreal Canadiens, with in-depth interviews from analysts to broadcasters. If you’re talking about it so are they.

Engaging conversation, analysis, and the occasional rant about the Vancouver Canucks, the NHL Draft, and the NHL’s hot topics with hosts Matthew Zator, Aidan Battley, and Dan Cybak

The Two Guys One Cup Podcast is a fan-led St. Louis Blues podcast hosted by Stephen Ground and Ian Peters. During their weekly episodes, the guys discuss all the news about the Blues, the League, and everything else in the Hockey universe.

Hosts Brendan Azoff and Stefen Rosner are back and better than ever, as they introduce The Backcheck, a new and improved hockey show. The boys discuss what fans can expect from the new show and our sister show, ‘The Scratch House’. It’s a new year, a new name, and a new logo, but in the end, it’s still Brendan and Stefen breaking down the latest NHL, NYR, and NYI news!

The Nassaumen Hockey Podcast, hosted by James Nichols and Jon Zella, provides weekly news and analysis on the New York Islanders along with interviews from Isles community members, artists, and more.

Fantasy hockey coverage whether you are new to the game or a long-time player.

Team-by-team breakdowns, statistical analysis, strategy discussions, and dynasty talk found here. Hosted by Jesse Severe and THW’s Victor Nuno, and featuring top fantasy analysts from around the sport.

An Anaheim Ducks Podcast covering the Anaheim Ducks on a game-by-game basis. We are Forever Mighty! We are YOUR post game show! The Forever Mighty Podcast is hosted by three lifelong Anaheim Ducks fans: Patrick Mahoney, Jason Lamb, and Eddy Jones. The Forever Mighty Podcast, as it sounds, covers the Anaheim Ducks on a game-by-game basis. During the regular season it is a post game show that has featured guests from all different facets of the game, including: Max Jones, Josh Cooper, Isac Lundestrom, Steve Kournianos and more.