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The Washington Capitals joined the NHL for the 1974-75 season alongside the Kansas City Scouts. They won eight games in their first season, which remains the fewest in a season of at least 70 games. It took until their ninth season for them to reach the postseason but they have been a winning franchise in most seasons since. The 1997-98 season ended in their first Stanley Cup Final appearance, which they lost to the Detroit Red Wings, and the Alex Ovechkin era finally resulted in the franchise’s first Stanley Cup, which they won in 2018.

Zdeno Chara – 7 Cool Things About the Big Guy

When thinking about former NHL defender and future Hall of Famer Zdeno Chara, one word should come to mind. That word, as you might have guessed, is big. Whether it’s his big stature, his contributions to the team, or his contributions to the city he played hockey in, everything about Chara screams “big.” It’s for that reason that a player nearly seven feet tall deserves an article highlighting seven things about him that every hockey fan should know. 1. Chara Is a Large Human Being As mentioned, the first word that should come to mind when talking about Zdeno Chara…

Today in Hockey History: March 16

Today is about scoring goals and keeping them out of the net, as this date in National Hockey League history had provided multiple 50-goal scorers and some great goaltending. Plus, one of the all-time greats had multiple memories, and there were some big moments during the early years of the league. The THW time machine is fueled up and ready to take us through the years and relive the best that March 16 has given us. Scoring No. 50 The 50-goal mark is a magical plateau in NHL history. A total of 91 different players have scored 50 goals in…

Today in Hockey History: March 15

March 15 has been a good date in National Hockey League history for defensemen and an even better one for goaltenders. Numerous members of the Hockey Hall of Fame made memories on this date along the way. It’s time for our daily trip back through the years to relive the best moments from this date. A Big Day for Defensemen Bobby Orr picked up an assist on March 15, 1969, in the Boston Bruins’ 7-4 loss at the Toronto Maple Leafs. This gave him 60 points on the season, breaking Pierre Pilote’s single-season record for points by a defenseman. The…

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7 Cool Things About Alexander Ovechkin

The Washington Capitals’ Alexander Ovechkin is this generation’s greatest goal-scorer, and up on the Mt. Rushmore of all-time snipers. He has 813 goals since entering the NHL in 2005-06, 269 more than Sidney Crosby, who’s next on the list. But it was an assist that earned Ovechkin his latest milestone….


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