Tyson Jost Excited About Joining UND

This past Friday, University of North Dakota’s incoming freshman forward Tyson Jost was picked 10th in 2016 NHL’s Entry Draft. Jost became the sixth top-10 draft pick taken in UND’s storied history. Only five former players have been picked higher than Jost.

Coming into the draft, Jost has been compared to former UND All-American Jonathan Toews. No matter who you compare him to, he’s an elite player. Some would call Jost a game breaker. During the 2016 IIHF U18 World Championships, Jost broke Connor McDavid’s record for points during a U18’s.

Excited About Playing for UND

I had an opportunity to talk to Jost during the U18’s World Championships and I walked away with the impression that he was very excited about joining the UND hockey team.

“I love it. I can’t wait to get here,” Jost said. “I think I’ll come here in the summer. I can wait to get the season started. In warm-ups and the game sometimes I catch myself glancing up into the stands. Just thinking, I am going to be playing in front of a bunch of Sioux fans who are all going to be cheering for us.”

Before heading to the 2016 NHL Draft in Buffalo, New York, Jost was in Grand Forks working out with a few of his future UND teammates. One of  those future teammates Brock Boeser had some good advice for Jost during the draft.

Boeser gave me text and told me to ‘Enjoy the moment, it’s so awesome,’” Jost told Scott Wasilewski of UND Sports. “It’s incredible to have someone like that to look up to next year,” Jost said. “I was so surprised that he came back after the year he had last year. But that’s a big testament to how great that program is in Grand Forks.”

Jost and Boeser on the Same Line?

Many UND fans are already dreaming about Jost and Boeser playing together on UND’s top line. There’s a great possibility those two could end up on the same line. That being said, Jost assumes nothing and is ready to get to work.

“Boeser is such a special player,” Jost said. “You saw what he did this year. He put great numbers and he’s a great guy off of the ice. I got to spend some time with him during my official visit here. He’s such a good kid and It’s going to be pretty cool to have someone to look up to like him. He can show me the reigns or what not. It’s going to be pretty special. I don’t know what the lines are going to be or whatever, that’s a long time away. If I do get the chance to play with him it’s going to be pretty cool.”

Historically, the Avalanche haven’t taken too many college players. That being said, UND fans don’t need to worry.

“Oh, absolutely,” Executive Vice President Joe Sakic told the Denver Post. “I know he played at Penticton to go to college, and North Dakota is a great program. They’re going to help develop him, get him to the next level. … He’s there for at least one year and we’ll see after that.”

Finally, Grand Forks is still abuzz with the excitement of the Fighting Hawks winning their eighth NCAA title, with Jost in the mix, the chances of UND winning their ninth title are within reach. Jost is coming to the UND with the intention of helping UND win their ninth NCAA title.

“It’s definitely special and it’s an amazing facility and a place to play. I am hoping to go back-to-back with the national championship. It’s really special looks like we’re going to have a great group of guys next season.”