10 Most Passionate Fictional Hockey Fans

As hockey fans, it’s exciting to see an NHL team represented on a favorite show or movie, and I thought about what it would be like to attend a game with the best TV show and movie characters who love the sport. Our list begins with a man who would go to any lengths to ensure you had the time of your life.

#10. Clark Griswold – National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation

I know Clark Griswold might not be your first choice to accompany you to a Chicago Blackhawks game. He would try way too hard to make it the best hockey game you’ll ever attend. During the car ride to the United Center, he will excitedly share childhood stories about going to games with his dad. 

The Griswold patriarch will become enraged when he receives a call from his boss apologizing for the late arrival of his holiday bonus. Assuming his bonus will cover the advance payment on a new pool, he’ll learn that it’s a jelly of the month club membership. The nosebleed seats at the top of section 309 are now not good enough, and he will spend most of the game unsuccessfully sneaking you both into seats next to the glass. In the end, it’s the worst NHL game you’ll ever attend.

#9. Cameron Frye – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

You and Cameron would skip class to catch a Blackhawks matinee. You would sneak into the school parking lot, and as soon as the car started, Cameron would start to second-guess the decision to skip school. However, you’d calm him down and eventually make it to United Center.

As you walk to your seats, Cameron will anxiously look around to see if he knows anyone. Once seated, with nachos in hand, he will loosen up and join you in cheer. He will wear his Detroit Red Wing jersey, which won’t make you popular in your section, but you understand it’s his way of defying his father and will let it slide. Overall it will be much better than the gym class you’re supposed to be in.

#8. Happy Gilmore – Happy Gilmore

Depending on how much beer you’ve consumed, you will either love or hate sitting next to Happy at a Boston Bruins game. His favorite player is Brad Marchand, and he will confidently state that if he suited up alongside Marchand, the city of Boston would celebrate their seventh Stanley Cup victory.

He will be loud. He will be obnoxious. He will most likely get into a fight with a fan wearing the opposition’s jersey. Bruins fans in your section will cheer “Happy!” as you’re both escorted out. The night won’t be a total loss, though. Happy will drive you to a local rink to test your skills before heading to the local sports bar to catch the late-night game.

#7. Wayne & Garth – Wayne’s World

Wayne and Garth ask you to catch the Blackhawks game and, of course, you’re down. They break out the goaltending net and play some street hockey, shouting “game on“, until you’re ready to head to the arena. Instead of walking to the car, they head to the basement, and that’s when you realize what “catching the game” really meant.

They take their usual seats in Wayne’s basement and prepare to record their public-access show, which will focus on the Blackhawks game. For the next couple of hours, they will shout “shwing” every time the Blackhawks score; it will make you wonder why you’re not in Eric Forman’s basement instead.

#6. Mac & Charlie Kelly – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Will you end up at a hockey game or in the back of a cop car? Who knows, but antics are guaranteed with these two. Mac will enter a contest to win a beach house party. He steps onto the ice at intermission and collapses on his face. Charlie attempts the shot but misses by a mile. At least he acknowledges it was terrible as they get booed off the ice.

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Dee and Dennis will somehow make an appearance, but the good news is you will get to hang out with Frank. I guess there is a silver lining to every situation. 

#5. Michael Scott – The Office

Michael would willingly put himself into (more) debt to ensure the best suite the arena has to offer. You won’t necessarily want to go to a game with him, but he will trick you into attending. On the bright side, you’ll leave work early as Michael will want to get the most out of his suite experience.

He will brag that he’s been on skates his entire life and thought about playing in the NHL, and as you’re plotting your escape, he’ll mention the NHL schedule would be too much for him and would interfere with the family life he desperately wants. Guilt and empathy will hit you like a Zdeno Chara slap shot, and you’ll stay in the suite, having a great time with the world’s best boss.

#4. Joey Gladstone – Full House

The lovable childhood friend of Danny Tanner introduced an entire generation to the iconic winged wheel. Joey played hockey in college and even appeared in a championship game. With one minute to play and his team down by one, he got a shot off the was, unfortunately, blocked. Like most comedians, he uses his past in his stand-up routine. 

His combined love of hockey and comedy will give you a true in-game experience. His jokes may be dull by the end of the first period, but as long as he doesn’t bring Mr. Woodchuck, you would make it through.

#3. Joey Tribbiani – Friends

I think it’s safe to say that Joey was the most popular of the “Friends.” As you were finishing your cup of coffee and questioning your second divorce, he would surprise you with tickets to see the New York Rangers

At roughly $145 per ticket, Joey would indeed be a good friend to have. How good of a friend? While you cover your face in pain after getting hit by an errant puck, he will grab the memento…for himself. But he will take you to the hospital to get checked and make sure he keeps your spirits up in the waiting room.

#2. Seeley Booth – Bones

Booth is my kind of guy. He lives and breathes hockey and will compare any life situation to an NHL game, which makes him your go-to guy for advice. He has hockey memorabilia all over his office that you can defer to when you need a break from talking about the latest homicide in D.C. 

Booth will leave work early to make it to a Washington Capitals game and use the siren to get to the arena in record time. He will also flash his FBI badge to not only get his beer helmet into the arena but yours as well. His only request? Don’t tell Brennan the helmet made its public debut.

#1. David Puddy – Seinfeld

To get the full fan experience, you need to attend a hockey game with David Puddy. Your face will be fully painted with the team’s colors and beer will flow, as Puddy provides the ultimate sports night. You will pregame at a Buffalo Wild Wings before you walk to the arena hyping up every fan you see.

Puddy will stumble his way into the arena and obnoxiously bang on the glass to harass the opposing team. Will you get escorted out of the arena? Maybe, but it will be worth it because you’re supporting the team.

This list provides a variety of characters, each giving you a unique in-game experience. Whether you are a fan of an original six team or a small market team like the New Jersey Devils, there is something for everyone. Leave a comment below telling which fictional character you would like to see a game with most.

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