A List of Outstanding Hockey Blogs

Over the past six months while preparing the design and concept for this blog I spent a lot of time visiting other hockey blogs, probably over 200. It seems that whenever I was searching for more info or was drawn into a storyline it always brought me back to the same blogs. Quality has a natural gravity that holds true in the blogoshpere. Since our very own site has ambitions of becoming one of these high value hockey hot spots and a real hockey reference I would be remiss not to share this list with you. Here are some of my favorite hockey blogs in no particular order. Feel free to add your own favorite hockey blog via a comment below.

9 thoughts on “A List of Outstanding Hockey Blogs”

  1. – fromtherink.com (although a tad little arrogant for my liking, but quality work)
    – thepowerplay.net (fellow Most Valuable Network member – pretty funny guy and he does have Daily Hockey Hottie!)
    – pensionplanpupperts.com (Maple Leafs Blog)
    – Inside the Kings (insidethekings.com I think)

    (Homer pick…lol…this is my blog so not biased at all! Do check out my ’09 Draft Rankings though!)

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