Blue Jackets’ Max Domi Talks Playoff Push, Social Media & His Future

Max Domi finds himself in a familiar position as this 2021-22 season starts to wind down. Without a contract for next season, he finds himself in the middle of the trade deadline rumor mill with just 17 days left until the Mar 21 deadline.

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All indications seem to point towards Domi being dealt to a contender by the trade deadline. The New York Rangers appear to be a fit. And what if he somehow lands on the Toronto Maple Leafs?

But in talking to Domi this morning, he didn’t give off the appearance of someone who was worried about what his immediate future would hold. He was calmed and relaxed. He wore a smile the whole time. He was living in the moment ready to take on the next task, a date with the Los Angeles Kings.

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Domi was kind enough to spend time talking to us about a few different things, including his future, the Blue Jackets’ playoff push and carrying a proper perspective in life. We even got into some of his recent work in social media. Here is our conversation.

Max Domi Speaks

It’s no secret that Domi loves Columbus. Although it’s not a big city like New York or Toronto, he says that offers its share of advantages.

“I love Columbus. I think the people here is what stands out the most for me,” Domi said. “As a guy that came from a big city, it’s pretty different. It’s laid back. It’s chill. It’s nice. That’s all you can really ask for. I’ve enjoyed my time here for sure.”

“When this rink is going, it’s a fun place to play. Our fans are going to be a big part of that. It’s a hostile environment for sure. We definitely have to use that to our advantage.”

Max Domi Columbus Blue Jackets
Max Domi loves the Blue Jackets and the fifth line. (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

The Blue Jackets are in a stretch of nine games out of 11 at home. Although the odds don’t favor it, the Blue Jackets are in a playoff push especially given this stretch of home games. If they take care of business, they’ll at least put themselves in a position to fight for a spot.

Domi believes that they’ll stay in a position to fight so long as they bring the speed and energy to every game.

“I think everyone in the league is in the same boat. That’s where rest and days off starts come into play. Unfortunately, a lot of it is out of your control. Hopefully your coaches see that.”

“Luckily the last couple of days it’s been nice to get some days off. All that really matters is that puck drop and that we’re ready to go especially with us as a younger team where a lot of our success comes from our speed and our energy. We need to be ready to go.”

Pushing For the Playoffs

Not only are the Blue Jackets in a playoff push, they’re in that push with one of the youngest teams in the NHL. That will mark the first time several players will experience the intensity of these kind of games. Domi believes they have already gotten a taste of those kind of games and they’ll only get harder from here.

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“I think they’ve already gotten a taste of it. Because after the break every game has been harder and harder every single night. It’s the story of the season where the games are going to get harder. Guys start to ratchet up for the playoffs. It’s the most fun. We have to enjoy it.”

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Enjoying it they are. The Blue Jackets have started to see some better results recently. Most notably, they started February on a five-game road trip and won four of those games. Then they went to Florida and beat one of the best teams in the NHL on their rink. Confidence is starting to grow for this group.

As for Domi, not only is he enjoying being in Columbus and playing for the Blue Jackets, he’s enjoying life. In case you haven’t noticed, Domi has been posting more on Twitter. He’s included some behind the scenes things for fans to see. We wondered what his motivation for this was.

“I think anytime you can shed some light on positive things going on in life, you have to take full advantage of that. For me in my particular craft and sport it’s a team environment. You are lucky enough to see a lot of cool things that’s happening with your teammates and you put a spotlight on that and people like it. It gives them a different perspective just from watching us on TV. You give them that sneak peek. It’s entertaining for the fans.”

Distractions & the Future

The big story will be what does Domi’s future hold. While there’s always a chance he could stay past the deadline, it seems most likely he will move on.

Everyone has to deal with these distractions. Domi offered up a good perspective on the situation. Sometimes other things in life give a more proper perspective on a situation.

“As a pro athlete you are expected to learn how to deal with those distractions. They’re everywhere. They really are,” Domi said. “Obviously there’s a lot going on now unfortunately. The world is a crazy place right now. It just puts everything into perspective. You have to be present, enjoy your family and friends and the people you work with. Just be kind. If you do that, you’re already making the world a better place. It’s something that I try to focus on. I’m starting to figure out how valuable and precious life really is.”

As for his future. Has he had any discussions with the Blue Jackets?

“We haven’t really talked about it much to be honest with you. Like I said I’ve always enjoyed my time here. I love my teammates. I certainly love the city. I’ve made some friends around the city. The people here are great. I love playing at Nationwide. The Blue Jackets are an awesome fan base. Those highlighted points are definitely the key for me.”

Max Domi Columbus Blue Jackets
Max Domi isn’t letting the rumor distractions get to him this year. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images)

Who knows what the future will hold for Domi over these next couple of weeks and beyond. But the one thing that’s clear is that he has a new lease on life and is impacting positive chance with his platform. He’s providing fans a unique experience on social media while being there and happy for his teammates.

Domi still has plenty to offer to someone. His skating and skill will fit on the depth chart of a contender. If this is his last days with the Blue Jackets, enjoy them. He’s been a good soldier with them and will carry the same spirit and energy until a trade happens.

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