Brawling on Broadway

Matt Carkner and Zenon Konopka were hired to play in the NHL, but in Game 2 of the Rangers-Senators series, they were hired goons. Call it payback and a way to win that worked.  Ottawa’s coach Paul MacLean knew how to turn the series in his favor.

Rookie Carl Hagelin elbowed Daniel Alfredsson, Brian Boyle took down and was slammed down, Brandon Dubinsky received a misconduct call for defending a teammate, and the list of antics plague this series with only two games recorded. New York has calmed down and is a buzz with their next move. Ottawa is praising Chris Neil as a hero with the overtime goal for the Sens 3-2 win. Get ready for Game 3.

Brian Boyle’s pummeling of Ottawa’s Erik Karlsson was a notable beating in Game 1, and the payback keeps coming. Boyle has risen as a brawler for Broadway, but has shown he can score too. Just like any young player, learning and adjusting the game is ongoing. Playoff runs and series games allow emotions to run high. Mental toughness is crucial enforcement. The Ranges have an excellent crew of Enforcers like Brandon Dubinsky, Brandon Prust and Brian Boyle who have proven their toughness in many situations.  If New York can remain mentally tough, they can take back the series. Passionate play is great as long as it doesn’t get the best of the Blueshirts.

As the animosity grows in this Senators-Rangers series, the Ranges must realize they have become targets. Ottawa will use Chris Neil and Matt Carkner to stir the pot and irk New York. Caution when playing, boys. This is what the Senators want to happen.

Carl Hagelin Rangers
Carl Hagelin (Michael Tureski/Icon SMI)

Not only do the Rangers need to shift the momentum back their way, but New York is being made example of and it’s not sitting well with fans or Coach Tortorella. In a post-game interview, Torts doesn’t want to overthink this situation. No changing their strategy either; he liked the way they played. This series is typical in its actions and reactions. Capitalizing on what New York can do will set the tone in Ottawa. It’s not too late to swing the momentum back to the Blueshirts.

NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan ruled in favor of Ottawa on this one. Matt Carkner was served a one game suspension after jumping and repeatedly sucker punching Brian Boyle, who looked like a rag doll being whipped around by a Rottweiler. Boyle couldn’t defend himself. Carkner was intentional. What footage was Shanahan watching?

Supposedly, Shanahan suggested he would alter the suspension for Hagelin if Danial Alfredsson played Monday night in Ottawa. But it was NHL commissioner Gary Bettman who clarified the suspension would only be altered if the Rangers appealed, which Torts says they are not doing. Reportedly, Alfredsson has a concussion, participated in morning practice,  and will make a game-time decision if he will play.

When you get lemons, make lemonade. New York has an amazing opportunity to go in to the Senators Scotia Bank Place and be the bigger team. No antics, just play the game to win the way they have all championship season long.

4 thoughts on “Brawling on Broadway”

  1. this writer is brain dead….but saying new york bias? calling boyle and dubinsky an enforcer? neither one of them  fights much at all. why is boyle dumb? he took a few punches and got a 5 min power play for his team. 

  2. Edit: Boyle WOULDN’T defend himself, not “couldn’t”.  And if he didn’t know what the Sens intentions were going to be after what he did in Game 1 and once he saw the roster for Game 2, Boyle is as dumb as he is soft.

  3. Yeah, obviously the author has a little bit of bias when he writes this; just b/c Rangers came first in Eastern conference doesn’t mean they will win this series… look what’s happening to the Canucks and the Kings! :P

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