Bruins’ Tenacity Evident In Triumph Over Red Wings

Last night, fans had the joy of watching the Boston Bruins that they know and love. The Big Bad Bruins. You know, the same team that intimidated opponents and scared some into submission. The ones that will battle to score in front of the opponent’s net, protect their own net, and are not afraid to win battles along the walls. Multiple times, including on Gregory Campbell’s goal, the Bruins’ forwards were digging around in the crease, and weren’t being pushed around by Detroit’s defensemen. A total flip from the team that appeared soft as Huggies just two nights before, the same group who were totally fine being walked over by opponents.

The beat-down at the hands of the Blue Jackets sent the Bruins a message. They understood if they kept stringing together poor performances, it would result in a lost season and they would be switching their hockey sticks for golf clubs a month earlier. The always important metaphorical ‘switch’ was flipped. The Bruins came out of the tunnel with tenacity, convincingly winning a game that the Black and Gold needed versus a divisional opponent. This time, the Bruins did the enforcing and took it to the Wings.

Playing without two of their best forwards, Milan Lucic and Patrice Bergeron, the Bruins played for each other. The team was focused and energized. It was as if their was a fire under them after Coach Claude Julien called out the team’s hunger and drive two days prior. After Justin Abdelkader’s spinning backhand goal in the first period, the Bruins of 2014-2015 season would have lost their mojo. Not anymore. They responded with two goals of their own and continued to take the body. Simply put, the Bruins played like an angry team with a purpose.

Seth Griffth’s response to scoring a power play goal in the third period was classic. The pure emotion he displayed signaled that the Bruins have turned a corner. They care. They realize that they have an uphill climb to make the playoffs, and they are determined to make the tournament. If the Bruins can consistently bring the same tenacity, effort, and passion for the rest of the season as they did last night, the rest of the Eastern Conference is on notice. The Big Bad Bruins could be back.


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