DraftKings Friday: Fantasy Hockey Band Aid Time!

This time Marchand took the punishment and it will cost those who wanted him on DraftKings. Photo Credit: SlidingSideways/Flickr (CC)
This time Brad Marchand took the punishment and it will cost those who wanted him on DraftKings. Photo Credit: SlidingSideways/Flickr (CC)

All the injuries are just a stage, right? Grated, this video has been seen quite a few times but the Anton Volchenkov hit on Brad Marchand one more time. We have a method to our madness but please hold on for a second while you wait for the video.

See we were nice enough to roll out the slo-mo footage because this is important. After all, Marchand owners should know that he is tentatively listed as day to day and could miss some time. Thursday night seems out to be honest and the weekend is questionable so you will want to keep an eye on this as the “upper body injury” turns. There are a few others injuries to keep an eye on and maybe an update or two.

First, however, we should update the latest on Brad Marchand as of last night. Obviously he was held out of the game versus the New York Islanders with a concussion. Here it is straight from the Boston Bruins.

I always love the term “mild concussion”. As we all know, Nathan Horton had a mild concussion and how did that turn out? Exactly!

A Couple More Injury Updates

Sidney Crosby — C — Pittsburgh Penguins

Sidney Crosby Penguins
Sidney Crosby (Icon SMI)

The good news is that Crosby’s jaw is not locked shut more or less. The bad news is that he is not in the lineup helping your team. Considering the nature of the injury, this could have been worse. At the very best, he will be back at the tail end of the regular season. At the worst, he is back for the first round of the playoffs. Crosby is in better spirits but is not close to being cleared for practice. Other than a lisp and some soreness, it will just take time for Sidney Crosby to recover. Do not worry about him this week. That is pretty much a 100% certainty. Check back next week or via Twitter for the latest. After all, it is Crosby so anything can change at the whim of a rumor or is that a wing and a prayer? Either way, be patient with this high priced investment.

James Neal — W — Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguin James Neal - Photo By Andy Martin Jr
James Neal – Photo By Andy Martin Jr

Neal is a bit more complicated as he deals with the side effects of a concussion he received at the hands of Michael Del Zotto. He is another one of those “do not expect him next week” type of scenarios. We will try to monitor his progress because as Evgeni Malkin put it, “I miss him”. The bottom line is that James Neal creates space and can put those passes in the net and that chemistry between Neal and Malkin is too obvious. With both Crosby and Neal out, it so far doesn’t seem to matter much fantasy wise but there is somewhat of an impact as far as point dynamics. When you really look at it, Malkin is probably missing about 1-1.5 points a week. That is not too bad. If a larger sample develops, we will keep this charted for our daily fantasy hockey and DraftKings fans. There are only 15 days to go in the fantasy hockey season (excluding the NHL playoffs).

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As always, you can follow me @ChrisWasselTHW for the latest daily and season fantasy hockey advice. Do not be afraid to ask questions because after all it is your money, correct? Exactly! Thanks again for reading.